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  1. If any wants to see if X-Trader is worth the money. Here is your shot.

    I'll give you a month of TT free and a month of trading at our 20K/ monthly rates, if you want to try X-Trader out or if you want to try us(VELOCITY FUTURES) out. Minimum accout 10K.

    No strings attached.

    PM me if you are interested.
  2. Merry Xmas. I miss your Journal. But why should I pay so much money for a trading platform without charts?
    PS. You should make a course in your Dax-trading method. Home in Texas - or in Europe/Germany.
  3. Merry Christmas.

    My journal will return. I'm just waiting on the OK from my compliance dept.

    Why pay so much for a trading platform? X-trader is the fastest most reliable trading platform in our(Velocity's) opinion. However, only active traders will really recognize its benefits. It doesn't suit everyone's needs.

    As for a trading course, I don't have any intention of doing that right now. I am working on a commentary and news feed though.

    Happy Holidays,
  4. Thanks. But what about the (missing) charts??
  5. I don't understand why charts are not included in all trading platform.
  6. Because this is America! Charts are an opportunity to make money...

    Michael B.

  7. Thanks. Now I understand. But if you have to pay 500 dollar a mont, you should also get free charts.
  8. depends on what each firm specializes in. TT (the firm that markets x-trader) caters to high volume and active traders and is specializing in high-speed and reliable order management and execution. The price is what people are willing to pay for it. Obviously, there must be many willing to pay such amount (which is nothing for high volume traders) until a competing platform will be offered at lower prices.

    I can recommend esignal as they are pretty stable and customizable in regards to price quotes, charts, TA (if this is what you do).

    To Velocity: Any idea when the exchanges will drop commission /clearing costs? When will you adjust your commission rates then? Will that already ocur in the first week of Jan. 2004?

  9. how many markets can one set up per account or even
    per monitor?

    for example can one or would one be able to set up

    X Trader in 5-10 markets at once? Or is X Trader best
    used in 1-3 markets only at anyone time
  10. Cutten


    I have 10 markets up showing full depth on X_trader during the trading day - no software problems in 2 years of use. You can also have dozens of markets up on a bid/offer basis in the "market explorer". I use 2 19" flat panels on 1280 x 1024, and could probably fit on more market depth windows if I needed (although it would become a bit of a squeeze).

    I've also had 20 markets on full depth at times, plus several spread matrices, and there was no problem at all. X_Trader is a very good platform - very stable, very fast. I have found that the software pays for itself in terms of improved executions.

    I have found that the limitation is how many markets your eyes can follow. It is tricky to actively trade more than 3-4 markets, and hard to scan more than 10 in my opinion.

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