try to find a good broker in Canada

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  1. LLLZ


    Is there any broker in Canada that just charges fixed commission per trade no matter how many shares in one order?Just like TD Ameritrade
  2. Check out TradeFreedom. it's 9.95 per trade and i use them and am v happy with them. the only negative is that you have to pay the ecn fee and routing... worth checking out for sure though.

  3. and of course IB is so cheap that it would still probably work out less for you than most brokers offering flat charge. You just have to deal with their not-so-great customer service....other than that, they're also a good bet.
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    I use E*Trade for my RRSP... 9.99/trade... no complaints there... and IB for cash account...
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    tradefreedom E-tradeand IB is not what I want.Because they charge ECN fees except fixed commission.I like to trade peny stock with large volume.
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    If you are looking for a non-RRSP trading alternative, look at Tuco Trading. They're a US based firm offering SIPC insured retail accounts and prop (licensed or non-licensed). Opening an account with a Canadian address is not a problem.

    IB is the clear alternative if you want to trade more than just stocks, or want to trade foreign equity markets. Tuco's retail rate though is .35 per share and has much much better software and customer support.

    I have traded with this group for several years, you can PM me for more info.
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    but in IB, we can't choose ECN to place the order,right?
  8. Yes you can
  9. I live in Canada and i am interested in trading stocks but with a different broker then Interactive Brokers. I scalp trade,.35 cents per trade is better then I.B but do they charge ECN's and monthly software fees etc...?
    I contacted many U.S firms and all of them tell me that they do not allow Canadian account.
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