Truth for Beginners

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  1. Alright so I have read a lot of posts on this forum and in the end there are no true success stories for beginners. Overall has anyone actually went into a firm with a small capital deposit, went through their training program and now is a successful trader. And I dont mean making 200 bucks a day (although that is ok for the fist couple of months), Im talking truly lucrative.
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    do a search and read thru Szeven's postings and musings
  3. Havent seen anything regarding this subject. He does have a lot of post anything specific you can recommend?
  4. Szeven's journey is well documented here on elitetrader. Read through all his posts, it will answer one of your questions.
  5. The main problem is your unrealistic expectations. What kind of business to you expect to be up to a $50,000 level within 2 months ($200 a day) and be unhappy with that?

    The first place to start, is that you have no idea what you are getting into. Trading is a profession, not a high paying career for an untrained newbie who is not willing to put in the time, work and dedication.

    It is very difficult, very risky, and not the realm of a trader wannabe with a $7,000 account and expects to be retiring soon.

    Until you wise up, look in to the mirror to see why 95+% of traders lose their money. There is a reason why so many people try to sell their services instead of trade, because they see newbies like you, and hope to make a fast buck off of them

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  6. Ok so Traderzone I have seen your posts on several other threads and it seems to me that your just a miserable person cause all you do is complain. If you read my post you would realize that is has nothing to do with me as a trader, I am asking a simple question looking for genuine answers not some smart ass washed up trader like you posting no sense. You really just have no clue all you do is go on posts and complain. Lighting up man lifes to short to be so negative and miserable all the time.
  7. You act like everyone that comes into this forum is so punk kid thinking hes gonna be a millionaire within two months from trading. Trust me most ppl understand the risk if they do a little reading. This posting has nothing to do with your reply so why do you bother responding.
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    Place him on ignore. Everyone else does.
  9. I didnt know you could do that. Thanks for the advice.
  10. Funny, it took a lot less to size you up. Let us repeat, as you seemed to miss the point

    Quote from longhorns24:
    And I dont mean making 200 bucks a day (although that is ok for the fist couple of months), Im talking truly lucrative.

    What part of that do you not realize is pathetic? Never mind, you apparently did not grasp the above reply, which is your sizable problem...
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