Truth about SMC and the reality behind 100RR trades

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    Just sharing my experience as a SMC trader

    I have been profitable since the start but it was a rough journey for first 6 months, being lost, not making the big monster 100RR, self doubts but after taking my foot of the gas and just refining for 3 months, things started making sense and it's been getting better since then.
    I have been trading SMC for the past one year and this is what I've observed

    The BIG 100RR trades are hardly 2 or 3% net total
    most SMC traders risk very low below 0.50% to 0.10% and take heavy partials at 5R and 10R zones, which leaves less than 30% of the positions running or even less which is eventually closed with a little more gain and just about a fraction of a lot (you can say 0.01 lot) is left to run with stops breakeven.
    This could keep going till 100RR and the net gain would be just like any other winning trade of theirs, but the Instagram stories gonna be posted with lot sizes blurred and shown 100R floating
    This is where the newbies and traders who are struggling get caught

    The name itself is just an upsell to their course, the concepts being the same as supply and demand
    the strike rates are very weak and nobody will show you how they took 10 losses before that 1 win

    If you think your guru really makes % ask him to trade live and show his MyFXBook data,
    and if he is a true trader he wont hide, if he says his % and portfolio is personal and wants to keep it private ... you have your answer !

    Many of my friends have fallen for this and struggled real hard and the end result was the same for all
    So what ever style you pick just focus and master it and avoid social media while doing so,

    There is no Holy grail and no coach is making 100RR every month or week.
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  2. Raheel Shaikh,

    Stay off instagram looking for somebody to show you how to make money. Nobody going to show you shit, just scam you out of your money and pimp you like a whore.

    This trading industry is scam and some crooks.

    Me personally, I will beat the FUCK outta anyone who think they about to take my money and not show me trading results. I guess I'm different, but anyone trying to take my money and teach me how to make money and they not making money themselves, is disrespecting me for a pussy. And I don't like disrespect when it comes to my money. I will be the fuck out someone.

    You better than me buddy, if somebody take my money and I found out they a scammer and liar, I will do my best to find this person, and beat the FUCK outta them and take they wallet. No mothetfucker scamming me.

    So you better tuffing up and be a man out here or people going to take advantage of you and take your money if you demanding solid proof.

    Don't be a sucker and do not let someone take your hard earned money with their lies
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  3. The Bottom Line to all social media (not just trading channels)....are people who are trying to Enrich and Empower themselves, at all of the sheep's expense that they can recruit and win over.

    There are no good souls on social media...they are all demon personalities.
    The moment someone signs up on social produce content...they turn into a demon.
    Win over souls, win over subscribers, win over over their minds, win over their time, win over their wallet.
    It's all about money, power, influence, competition...and the limited amount out there to collect and compete for.

    If you remove the makeup, the hairstyles, the bright lights, the clothes, the camera, the editing effects, the smiles, the laughter, the skin, their personalities....they would all look like demons from the underground. Their true colors and character and motives, displayed.
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  4. Yes, you are right.

    I never joined social media, and never saw the point of being on social media. Maybe to chase women for the sex would be the only reason I would join social media. But even that sounds like too much work.
  5. No, you don't want to do that. Women/sex are an evil, devil, poison.
    You may Think it's a wonderful feeling, emotion, drug...but it will costs you a much longer term price tag, debt, on your mind, wallet, and soul, and health, and mental well being.

    Don't give in to temporary, fleeting, desires for a longer term, permanent, price. That's the Devil's deal.
    Women, gambling, sex, drugs, food, values and ideals, name it. Be wise and patient...look through the lens of 100 years, not one hour or one week.
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  6. SPX Options Trader,

    You are right sir. 1000% right.
  7. hilmy83


    @SPX Options Trader @SimpleMeLike

    you do know that forums is a form of social media right? it's ok, ya'll just don't realize we need attention just as much as those thots on tik tok

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  8. Raheel Shaikh

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    Yes man, the early days were often a bit shaky and wild and took a couple Ls before finding my way in the industry
    social media is nothing but selling fancy lifestyle in the name of education
    and that's what got me hooked on to at the start but as time passed i learnt my lessons
    everyone struggles but uses social media as a mask of happiness and success

    tbh those guys still run the education platform with over 2k members paying 100$ each month for membership and that's how they make more money by selling course than trading successfully, sad reality.
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    Man you write a lot of crap, but this shit you just posted ahahahah...

    Women, food and ideals are poison???

    I have wondered if you play stupid or you really are stupid.
    After this, I have no doubt.

    I won't ignore you for the laugh, but you are no good for the reputation of this forum.
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    Based upon his current trajectory, I give him at most another 4 months on the forum before he is perma-banned. After all, the holidays are coming up, and everyone gets chipper then. After the holidays, post December? Watch out!
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