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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by SideShowBob, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. I rented a dedicated server with sago networks which was highly recommended. I ported my ATS over to the server and let it run for a few days without any problems. I turned it on this morning since I'm home to watch in case of problems -- bingo they have a power failure, no ETA. I guess they've never heard of backup generators?

    Can anyone recommend a hosting provider that uses backup generators?

  2. We switched from Rackspace to and we like it better then rackspace.
  3. As a follow up I discovered their UPS powered down following a power issue. according to their blog they have an issue every few months, I guess I just happened to find one early on.

    Do the providers you guys posted ever have short unplanned outages? Is it possible to find one which never has an outage? Seems too good to be true.....
  4. When quality control is important: host your server at home. All you need is a static IP #, DNS...there are several free(I've used granitecanyon for years.), cable or dsl service(I have both with auto-changeover), & a large APC.
  5. Unless you do not care about speed or you have big pipelines to your house, personally i think hosting your home server is not the way to go.
  6. I've been hosting my "server" (really just Windows XP) at home since 2005. We're having construction done on my home so I had to move the trading elsewhere, hence renting a server (no setup fee).

    I have a decent size UPS but I discovered today it's not enough (I left my home trading PC running as a test knowing the power would go out for at least a few minutes).
  7. You could just use a laptop to run your trading from. Built-in UPS that should last at least 3 hours, and speed that compares well with desktops, multi-monitor support, etc.
  8. And what will power the cable modem and/or dsl modem/FIOS router?