Trump’s steel tariffs causing unintended consequences for manufacturers

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    it is just the beginning of increased inflation in the US.
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  3. Assuming quantities demanded don't fall faster than prices rise.
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    Hardly "unintended".... Only a moron wouldn't expect this to happen(therefore it must be intended, or it shouldn't have been done at all)... One may say that it isn't, but given the obviousness of the result of tariffs like that, saying it would be a lie.

    But "fuck the manufactures and their employees", they're being sacrificed for the whole, the greater good, the well being of the nation, and that is being done by their own government... They should be proud! It is the socialist/communist way! Stalin would applaud it! It has worked wonders in the past and it will still glow it's way into the future!:rolleyes:

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    I’d like to think that the tariffs were thought through.... or theirs some sort of trade negotiation plan.

    It’s like an article I read about an American keg manufacturer saying how it was going to make his business even less profitable compared to the Chinese. The tariffs are on raw steel, not manufactured goods, so he would have to buy even more expensive steel in U.S then he was before plus compete with Chinese manufacturing cost. The whole idea seemed counter intuitive to myself.

    The raw steel from China dwarfs manufactured steel products.

    I have no formal economics education but I don’t think you can blame China for trade deficits, consumers want cheaply made disposable products. I’m Canadian myself but our cultures are quite similar.

    Good example is I’m an electrician and for the past decade I’ve always worn Redwing boots. Made in U.S.A, they’re the most comfortable boot I’ve ever had, and I usually get 3-4 years of hard use out of them. I just replace when the goretex waterproof stops working.

    They’re about 300-325 Canadian here a pair. Most my coworkers end up buying Dakota or Timberland boots that range from 150-200$, give you blisters for the first month, and seams usually fall apart after a year. Most people think I’m crazy paying a 50 percent premium on boots but I like the quality.
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    barron's said exactly what you said.
  7. Who do you think we got for president?
    World economics is different than building hotels and golf courses? :D
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    it is not.
  9. Give me a break, this guy calls his national security advisor in the middle of the night to ask him which is better for the US economy a weak dollar or strong dollar?
    I think all he knows about economics is how to avoid paying taxes, file bankruptcies and sleep with Russian prostitutes...:sneaky:
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