Trumps Iranian Sanctions, what is he trying to achieve?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Rickylee, Oct 7, 2018.

  1. Rickylee


    I have assumed that, despite the rhetoric, Trump is trying to pinch Iranian oil market share for the US Shale Industry.

    There appear to be differences between the grades of Iranian crude and US Shale, the former being heavier which makes it unlikely that the buyers of one would want the other.

    Does anyone have any thoughts?
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  2. srinir


    You are thinking too much.

    Only reason he is opposed is because, it was signed by Obama. He is willing to sign anything as long the deal has his name on it.
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  3. destriero


    The guy is literally sundowning and functionally illiterate. What srinir stated.
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  4. Rickylee


    Seems as though I have too high an opinion of his motives. Narcissism it is.
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  5. actually anything obama did - we should do the opposite - trump should imprison obama as a terrorist along with his man wife and fake children.

    the number on thing would be to prosecute the Clinton and classify the democratic party as a terrorist group as well.

    trump has a plan it's to make America great again.
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    What the hell is happening to this thread. Isn't this what Facebook is for? Can we not stick to topic.
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  7. vanzandt


    It happens to every thread Destriero ever posts on.
    Welcome to ET.
  8. sle


    I might be recalling wrong, but I think crude is lighter (easier to refine) and sweeter (less sulfur).
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  9. Rickylee


    That's why I am unsure that Iranian and US oil would find the same customers.
  10. Here4money


    He may end up pulling another NAFTA+. Basically change the name and call himself a master negotiator. He's been doing that since he started; get rid of a "bad deal" that creates a crisis, and the re-instate under a different name to take glory on fixing something of his own doing.
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