Trump's brownshirts/juntas now disappearing people.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Here4money, Jul 18, 2020.

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    2nd amendment militia types protecting people's 1st nowhere to be seen.
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    those federal troops do a great job. you cant let those cowards run wild in the streets. you need to be tough on the those so called protestors.
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  3. You don’t always mischaracterize things... But when you do, it’s a whopper.

    A few statue vandals being taken in for questioning by Homeland security? Boo hoo. Interesting these same homeland security agents had no issue with being filmed by other protesters.

    Afraid one of the protesters taken into custody will talk? Afraid that protester will expose their leadership, eventually working their way up the chain of command to a prominent Democratic and or Socialist leader(s)?
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    the protestors are weak. they will rat everyone out.
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    It raises an interesting question. What is the federal governments responsibility when clearly the local and state authorities have lost control of the situation.

  8. 1. Are statues being vandalized on Federal property?
    2. Is local law enforcement being prevented by the Governor from acting to protect Federal Property? If so, the Federal Government is reasonable in deploying Federal police in protecting property under its jurisdiction.

    The failure of this Governor to act against a known threat may make her an accessory to vandalism. Perhaps the Governor is a state level leader of these criminal vandals. Any Governor who fails to act appropiately to destruction of property in their state should be investigated for organized criminal associations.

    Media organizations and national politicians who support criminal activities should be investigated as well. Where reporting or political action is designed to incite riots, criminal charges should be levied against the offenders, whoever they are.
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    Imagine a Biden presidency and you saw a bunch of Trump supporters looting and rioting in the streets with the local authorities unable to stop them. Would the OP support sending in the Feds? Of course he would.
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    More importantly, what's an occupying force doing incurring and overriding a duly elected government when it comes to law enforcement?
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