Trump's Base and Welfare

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    Trump's base may not like this. Elections are around the corner. Will this one get mysteriously moon-walked too.

    The 'ole make a problem ... then dazzle your base by fixing it thingy?

    Trump wants to start charging stores to accept food stamps
    • Donald Trump wants to charge retailers a fee for accepting food stamps as payment from the poor.
    • The food stamp fee would be reassessed every five years.
    • Budget office predicts $2.4 billion in new revenue from the fee, which is seen hurting independent grocers more than big chains.
    • Separately, the Trump administration is proposing $191 billion in cuts over the next decade to the food stamp program.
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    So the government wants to charge retailers a fee to operate a program they created?

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  3. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark

    Trump and republicans.Republicans are always at war with the poor.
  4. carrer


    So, it's basically taking money from the rich to the poor.
    Takes the money from the rich retailers to fund the food stamp.

    I thought the left likes the idea of robbing the rich and give it to the poor? No?
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    Just like the rich retailers pay the tariffs huh?
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    1. Are retailers that serve poorer neighborhoods rich? Doubt it. These are probably mostly Family owned/operated.

    2. The retailers will likely raise prices; so the poor will pay for this proposed tax--not the rich.

    What are your actual thoughts on the plan? Are you for it; against it? Why?
  7. The left never saw a tax they didn’t love.
    NOW all of a sudden they are against taxes?

    2.4B in new revenue.
    Just in time to build a wall! :D
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    What are your actual thoughts on the plan? Are you for it; against it? Why?
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  10. Would need to know the details.
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