Trump’s approval rating hits new low

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    Trump’s approval rating hits new low in wake of Obamacare repeal calamity

    Anthony Pearce,Yahoo News

    Trump’s approval ratings continue to fall (Rex)

    Already the least popular president in history after two months in office, Donald Trump has seen his approval ratings fall even further, according to a new poll.

    Following the Republican’s failed effort to pass a new healthcare bill to replace the Affordable Care Act — often known as Obamacare – Trump slumped to just 36 per cent.

    To put that in perspective, the business mogul has already fallen beyond the all-time lows of Barack Obama (38 per cent) and Bill Clinton (37 per cent) — while still in the infancy of his presidency.

    After a similar time in office, Jimmy Carter had an approval rating of 75 per cent; Obama’s was at 63 per cent; while Clinton’s was at 53 per cent.

    According to Gallup, which commissioned the poll, he has averaged 42 per cent for his term to date. His highest, the week after his inauguration, was at just 46 per cent.

    The news comes after Republican leaders of the House of Representatives abruptly scrapped a scheduled vote on Friday to repeal and replace Obamacare, in what was a humiliating defeat for the man who wrote The Art of the Deal.

    Accusations of nepotism are mounting against the businessman-turned-politician after his daughter, Ivanka, was given a West Wing office and security clearance, despite not holding an official government role.

    President Trump has also given her husband, Jared Kushner, a new job to head up a division that will overhaul federal bureaucracy. Allegations of Russian interference in the election also continue dog him.

    Trump’s approval ratings are at an historic low for a president this early in the premiership. However, presidents have slumped to worst ratings.

    As Gallup points outs: Presidents George W Bush (lowest approval rating: 25 per cent), Richard Nixon (24 per cent) and Harry Truman (22 per cent) are all among those who had job approval ratings lower than 36 per cent at least once during their administrations.
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    That was your instructions for the day, post this?
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    Trump's approval rating sinks to 35 percent: poll
    By Max Greenwood - 03/29/17 02:10 PM EDT

    President Trump's job approval rating hit a new low of 35 percent on Wednesday, according to Gallup's daily tracking poll.

    His approval rating dropped by 1 point since Tuesday, continuing a downward trend since taking office.

    Former President Obama's approval ratings hovered in the low-60 percent range after his first two months in office, according to Gallup, and former President George W. Bush saw approval numbers in the 50-percent range.

    Unlike most new presidents, Trump never saw the period of high approval ratings that typically follows inaugurations. His approval rating peaked at 46 percent just after he was sworn in.

    His ratings were hit particularly hard by the legislative failure of the GOP's plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare on Friday.

    Trump's young administration has also been roiled by controversy, including allegations of ties to Russia, his accusations that Obama wiretapped him during the campaign and feuds with the media and others.

    The director of the FBI confirmed publicly last week that the bureau is investigating Russia's meddling in the election, including potential ties between Trump's campaign and Moscow. The House and Senate Intelligence committees are also investigating.

    Gallup's results are based on telephone interviews with 1,500 U.S. adults.
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    It took Trump just 69 days to accomplish something that the country's most unpopular presidents took years to achieve

    President Donald Trump needed just 69 days to plunge to a mark that past presidents such as Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, and George W. Bush took years to reach: an approval rating of 35% or lower in Gallup's survey.

    Trump hit 35% in the Gallup daily tracker on Wednesday. Seven other presidents have hit 35% or below since Gallup began tracking presidential approval ratings during President Harry Truman's administration.

    None of those presidents, which also include Truman, Lyndon B. Johnson, Ronald Reagan, and George H.W. Bush, hit a mark that low until at least a year and a half into their first term.

    Previously, the president to have reached that point most quickly was Truman, whose approval fell to 33% after 524 days in office. The only other presidents to have reached that point in their first term in office are Carter, H.W. Bush, and Reagan.

    If Trump sinks any lower, he will be one of just six presidents to do so, as Johnson and Reagan bottomed out at 35%.

    Here's a list of the presidents who hit 35% or lower in the Gallup approval rating, with how many days it took them to get there:
    • Trump | 69 days
    • Truman | 524 days
    • Reagan | 741 days
    • Carter | 851 days
    • H.W. Bush | 1,283 days
    • Nixon | 1,659 days
    • Johnson | 1,725 days
    • W. Bush | 1,926 days

    Trump's past week featured the failure of the American Health Care Act, the Republican healthcare bill that was pulled from the House floor Friday after it became clear it did not have enough votes to pass. Also last week, FBI Director James Comey confirmed publicly that the bureau was investigating Trump associates in connection with Russia's attempts to meddle in the 2016 presidential election.

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    Not surprising when his opponent got 3 million more votes.
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    He needs to be more like Gerald Ford if he wants higher approval ratings.
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    Ford and Pence might end up having a few things in common.
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    MSNBC is doing a lot better now that they're showing the big bucks Trump paid in taxes and revealing some of the key Obama players that spied on Trump and leaked it all around.

    So there's that.
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    He's only 2 months in the job. Give him another 4 years and he'll get something done.

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