Trump Vs O'Donnell-Battle!

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    Twitter war between The Donald and Lawrence O'Donnell

    The Donald: “Last year @Lawrence strongly predicted that @TimPawlenty would be the Republican nominee–@Lawrence is a total loser who is killing the MSNBC brand. He is begging me to be on his show. I am his only hope–@oreillyfactor killed him.”

    O’Donnell: “@realDonaldTrump What else did I predict? Something about u? Like the exact day u would reveal that u were not running. That was so easy.”

    O’Donnell: “@realDonaldTrump I assume you’re still afraid of coming on my show. Don’t worry, we will light your hair any way you want.”

    The Donald: “I only go on shows that get ratings, that’s why I do @oreillyfactor, @hannityshow, and @gretawire. Your show @lawrence, like you, is a loser that will soon be off the air. @oreillyfactor killed you at 8PM.”

    O’Donnell: “@realDonaldTrump Politeness (to the hosts) prevents me from naming lower rated shows than mine you’ve appeared on.”

    The Donald: “@Lawrence There is no such thing— they can’t get much lower than yours.”

    O’Donnell: “@realDonaldTrump Have I ever been wrong about you? Please tell me one thing I got wrong about you.”

    The Donald: “@Lawrence Yes, great hair, and it’s actually mine.”

    O’Donnell: “@realDonaldTrump Never said that’s not your hair. I take this tweet as confirmation from you that I have never been wrong about you. Thanks”

    The Donald: “It’s sad with only 57,000 followers on Twitter that you are topping your broadcast. @lawrence”

    O’Donnell: @realDonaldTrump I had over million viewers Fri, double @cnn audience, 2nd only to @oreillyfactor who has always been 8pm ratings king.”

    The Donald: “Stop calling my office to do your show, I have more important things to do with my time — nobody’s watching you! @lawrence”
  2. Max E.

    Max E.

    LOL, I love Trump, he always takes things so personally, i love how any time someone gives him the slightest criticism he doesnt even bat an eye, and he breaks off into a tirade over what a loooooser (emphasize the O's) the person is. Its like watching a 4 year old in the sand box.

    What makes this even funnier is that Lawrence O'Donnell just got bumped from prime time this week STARTING ON MONDAY, for that wind bag Ed Schultz, Lawrence O'Donell is now in Ed Schultz former slot in dead last on the worst network on t.v. Trump would have a field day with that one. There is something that really seems to grind his gears about ODonell's

    Trump makes speech about ODonnell

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  3. Max E.

    Max E.

    Something tells me that we have not heard the last of trump on this issue, he is going to blow a gasket after watching O'Donell slap him around in this piece. :D

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