Trump Trade war is ruining American markets

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    The author recently graduated from college where she was an activist Leftie. Shocker!

    China is stealing Intellectual Property and has up to 3 million people in re-education camps. They abhor freedom.

    They never deserved "Most Favored Nation" status from Bill Clinton, et al.
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    " activist Leftie." Source?
    I appreciate the rest of your post as factual and informative (and *important*), but this sticks out as an inappropriate ad hominem and (to be polite) "counter-factual."

    In the meantime, ag products do not have IP beyond the production space, so Trump's ruination of U.S. farmers' China trade is unbalanced (by us to China) and unfair to U.S. farmers who weren't involved. The speed of change for finding new ag product markets is glacial, but their debt load is not. ="Bad Policy."
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    Quite honestly - factory corporation scale farming has been squeezing out independents for decades now. My family sold out to a private equity group in the late ‘90’s and now they run the operations on contract.

    4000 acres, several hundred head of dairy cattle, robotic milking stations... and the market for milk and milk products is way oversupplied but the USDA still subsidizes it.

    Same story for soybeans and cotton and just about everything else, btw.

    And the black market for Cannabis in California is still thriving (it wasn’t supposed to) because the State places a 42% tax on the legally grown product :wtf:
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    It’s not that it’s oversupplied, it’s because they don’t have access to Canadian markets Lol.

    Our quota system is questionable but it beats subsidizing.
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    + good thing election year is almost here.I had a USa teacher tell me. she thought many youngsters thought socialism is like social media LOL:caution::caution:, :caution::caution::caution::caution::caution::caution::caution::cool:
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    article is BS... look at the grains/ meats futures chart.... almost unrelated to the trade war events.

    also - Trump is doing everything he promised to do during the campaign and there is nothing surprising here... but to a lot of people, what a 'shocker' it is, to have someone elected into the white house and actually keeping his promises..
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    young folks can be easily brain washed, but they can also turn around quick.... imagine how left leaning they were in the 60's...

    if you hang with the high school/ college kids, overwhelmingly anti-Trump... but it's ok, it's our job, as the older and the wiser, to educate them.... why socialism/Bernie/AOC is evil, why climate change is hoax etc...

    my kids are not immune, but it takes only a little guidance for them to see the light... as long as you encourage them to think independently, it's not difficult to see thru the BS behind all the feel-good narratives.
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    One conservative Judeo-Christian said on talk radio= ''give me a central bank + a kindergarten + we rule the world'' !! ''LOL Lot of truth here.......:caution::caution:, :caution::caution::caution::caution::caution::caution::caution::caution:
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    That’s HIGHLY debatable. The Canadian System is flat out exclusionary and discourages production.
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