Trump Tower meeting with Russians 'treasonous', Bannon of Breitbart says in explosive book

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    Bannon, who was chief executive of the Trump campaign in its final three months, then White House chief strategist for seven months before returning to the rightwing Breitbart News, is a central figure in the nasty, cutthroat drama, quoted extensively, often in salty language.

    He is particularly scathing about a June 2016 meeting involving Trump’s son Donald Jr, son-in-law Jared Kushner, then campaign chairman Paul Manafort and Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya at Trump Tower in New York. A trusted intermediary had promised documents that would “incriminate” rival Hillary Clinton but instead of alerting the FBI to a potential assault on American democracy by a foreign power, Trump Jr replied in an email: “I love it.”

    The meeting was revealed by the New York Times in July last year, prompting Trump Jr to say no consequential material was produced. Soon after, Wolff writes, Bannon remarked mockingly: “The three senior guys in the campaign thought it was a good idea to meet with a foreign government inside Trump Tower in the conference room on the 25th floor – with no lawyers. They didn’t have any lawyers.

    “Even if you thought that this was not treasonous, or unpatriotic, or bad shit, and I happen to think it’s all of that, you should have called the FBI immediately.”

    Bannon went on, Wolff writes, to say that if any such meeting had to take place, it should have been set up “in a Holiday Inn in Manchester, New Hampshire, with your lawyers who meet with these people”. Any information, he said, could then be “dump[ed] … down to Breitbart or something like that, or maybe some other more legitimate publication”.

    Bannon added: “You never see it, you never know it, because you don’t need to … But that’s the brain trust that they had.”

    “You realise where this is going,” he is quoted as saying. “This is all about money laundering. Mueller chose [senior prosecutor Andrew] Weissmann first and he is a money-laundering guy. Their path to fucking Trump goes right through Paul Manafort, Don Jr and Jared Kushner … It’s as plain as a hair on your face.”
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  2. Arnie


    After a year of Trump being your President you are reduced to quoting Breitbart and Bannon via The Guardian.
    You sir have NO credibility. None. Nada.
    Now go tape your head up. FOOL!

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    First, Trump isn't President, he is the Russian ambassador to the United States. The real President is Putin and that's obvious to everyone with a functioning brain. Putin owns that pedophile's double chin like one of his many Russian whores.

    And I am not quoting Breitbart, I quoted Bannon who unlike most of your treasonous ilk, he can comprehend treason.

    Third, I don't need lectures from birther Trump supporters on credibility.

    Keep laughing though, Captain Mueller will take care of the traitors.
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    I ordered 3 cases for you. You're going to need it.

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    Someone is sure triggered seeing Bannon turning on the Trump crime family.
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  6. One doesn't need to read Breitbart to know the White house in infested with self enriching criminals. The fact that Bannon had to say it is proof. Maybe it's his way of saying he spilled his guts out at Muller's office.
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    The wheels are coming off the Trump train.
  8. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark

    The meeting was in fact treasonous and I hope those involved are imprisoned.
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    There might be a bit of a problem in Trumpland and the right wing media :) 9BE041A2-4604-4747-A625-CC48B5B9DD61.jpeg 9E80E651-2C8B-4819-A132-5D48B95AC11D.png E6A564CA-919A-49A1-918B-BB7D1D41BBAE.jpeg
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    These dimwit right wingers on ET don't know which way to pivot on this one..Hiliarious, the Trump lovefest just took a huge punch to the gut.
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