Trump to bar legal immigrants who use lawful entitlements from permanent residency

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Here4money, Feb 9, 2018.

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    Good sign that someone recognizes when illegals use up their freebies.
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    This is essentially the way it has been all along. Anyone who has tried to bring in a family member (I have for my wife's mother, for instance) is asked point blank whether that person will be financially supported by the sponsor (me) or not. If not, and there is a risk the immigrant will be a drain on public welfare, the application is severely handicapped. That's the way it was for us ten years ago.
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    My Father's Great Aunt also had to sign as a sponsor for 3 years of financial responsibility in 1950.
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    You'd have to read the article.... This basically bars parents with citizen children who use programs like chip or head start for their citizen kids to give you an example. Not new immigrants coming in who may be a drain.

    Also imposes sanctions on those that make less money and used the programs but forgives those that make more money.
  7. This is long overdue. Other countries, including Canada, do not allow immigrants to remain who are a drain on public benefits. Canada goes so far to stop you from coming into the country if they believe you could possibly be a drain on public benefits (like having a permanent expensive medical condition).

    These article trying to push claims that it is focused on children in head start, etc. is merely the left looking for an minor angle of the policy change to claim how "evil" the Trump administration is. The reality is that this change to immigration policy is long overdue.
  8. Yeah... until the Dems got the bright idea... "Get 'em in here anyway hook or by crook... ignore immigration law as necessary.... we'll work out the details later and have them as Dem voters." Whatever harm that causes the country or strain on public welfare... we'll just sweep under the rug.

    Odumbo deserves to be "drawn and quartered" for his participation in this invasion.

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    This is good news. Thanks for posting, Ricter
  10. Rewards illegals for cranking out u.s. citizens while here illegally. ie. anchor babies.
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