Trump - 'Time to Get Tough'

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  1. A great read, if anyone has the time or interest in picking up Trump's book. Took me about 3 hours total to complete. Maybe some of the anti-Trump guys here won't like it too much, but IMO, it's good writing and excellent insight... unlike his other books, which ranged from mediocre to good (with the exception of his first one, "Art of the Deal").

    Also if you're interested, check out his 'bottom-up' YouTube channel... looks like he read Guy Kawasaki's Enchantment! :D
  2. 1) The publishing of Trump's books tend to be good sell-signals for the overall market. :D
    2) The Amazon ratings for it have been "manipulated" with many "5's" and "1's". :eek: :( :mad:
    3) I think he's a douche. :cool:
  3. Hey, :D I just went to his book signing. On the flip side I went to Lady Gaga's workshop, just to keep things "balanced".:D
  4. I read his first book, 'The Art of the Deal' - definitely an '80s book, but provides allot of insight on Trump's rise and how he traded heavy real estate. Anyone into psychology would love the book, just from the hints of borderline narcism in the book (hey, Trump's still a great guy ;)).

    Think Like a Champion is the only other Trump book I've read. It's a collection of a dozen 1-3 page essays. A surprisingly good read. Only took me about 2-3 hours total. I skipped the last couple of essays because they looked tacky.

    I've heard most of his other books are superficial, especially the coauthored ones. Nonetheless, Time To Get Tough is a great read, and especially how short it is, y'all might want to consider reading a few pages at the store or buying it if you have the time or interest.
  5. As long as you did not wear a "meat dress" to the event AND you don't loudly sing the lyrics to her songs when they are broadcast on the radio, then that's tolerable. :)