Trump the peacemaker

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  1. Breaking news developing that Trump and company are about to broker a deal to talk with the NK's. Will the left bow to his greatness in what is a YUUUGE deal? That said, lets not get too far ahead of ourselves. I'm reminded of a long ago conversation I had with a fellow Marine one warm and muggy evening in beautiful Southeast Asia. This grizzled vet said, when they start talking peace, best grab some extra ammo. Time will tell, but Trump is getting it done where others have failed time and again.
  2. I though that read pacemaker. Waste of time.
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    Let's say this happens. Trump EARNS the Nobel Peace Prize. The check should go to the people of North Korea who have suffered so very long.
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    Big pr win, expect a big dump of defense stocks and general rally tomorrow.

    Also, fatso would've met any US president, they just normally don't cater to poor, murderous dictators.
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  5. Our last president bowed and kissed the feet of Islamic murderers
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    I cant figure out who is Ot the idiots that gave you a like.
  7. Hopefully Pence won't feel too bad and be productive about the upcoming meeting ,
    Remember his speech in Seoul ?

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    Nope, it's none of us.

    The TRUE idiots are the ones who gave Obama a Nobel Peace Prize for doing...wait for it...FUCKING NOTHING!!!
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    Max E.

    Well said, but i wouldnt bother with RRY, he has no interest in actual debate.
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  10. Trump getting in done at all levels. Will the "peace loving" left give him his due credit, or would they rather see nukes fly just because they can't bring themselves to admit Hillary was just a really poor choice to name as candidate for president? What he's doing is certainly worthy of Nobel peace prize consideration. The man has his flaws, and his style is rough, but dammit, give the guy some credit when he's succeeding where others have failed.
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