Trump: The Big Reveal

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  1. A behind-the-scenes look:

  2. He may be anti-wind but at least he recycles his urine to colour his hair.

    Its a Scottish thing, men's piss is used to improve the quality of tweed fabric. Donald uses it on his hair.

    " Waulking has two important effects. Firstly it cleanses the cloth and eliminates excess lanolin, oils, dirt, and other impurities. And secondly, it makes the material softer and thicker.

    Originally this was done by literally ‘walking’ (i.e. treading) the fabric in water, perhaps treated with a proportion of urine for its ammonia as a cleansing agent."
  3. Kimmel: "At least Darth Vader had the good sense to wear a helmet."

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  4. Maybe that's what all the Russian "kompromat" stuff was all about. Maybe the (alleged) videos are of other people "treating" his hair directly from the source in his hotel room at the Moscow Ritz-Carlton.
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    If only he believed in climate change, he could avoid these embarrassing moments.
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  6. Yeah, but there would always be other embarrassing moments. This is just rounding error.
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    I dont think it's urine, it's something much worse.
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  8. No, that's just seepage from inside his head that you're referring to. Slartibartfast called it; the color tells the tale.
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  9. If that was Barack or Michelle or pretty much any liberal, and a conservative made the same exact jokes the media and lefties would lose their minds.
    It would be RACIST, BULLYING, DEGRADING, HAIR SHAMING, and a list of other “trigger” words.

    Keep up the hypocrisy ladies.
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    You know it’s hilarious.
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