Trump Tax Reform - a total squeeze on middle class W2 workers

Discussion in 'Economics' started by RedDuke, Nov 2, 2017.

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  2. Why not?

    I'm not one of the "rich" who gets to take advange of "loopholes" to evade taxes.

    I'm not one of the "beneficiaries of wealth distribution".

    I'm one of the "tax donkeys"... regardless of any new "tax reforms", my taxes always GO UP!!

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  3. DaveV


    What in history has ever led you to believe that the Republicans are interested in helping the middle class? The Republican strategy has always been to help businesses and rich donors, and then since they need voters, try to convince the middle class that they will be better off because the businesses will hire more workers and pay higher wages, and the rich will spend more to boost the economy.

    The Democratic strategy is to tell people of all the new/expanded social programs that will benefit the middle class, that will only cost a "small" tax increase on the upper class.
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    • I agree where is any of this bill helping the middle class??? Here are some of the new tax brackets!

    • The 12 percent bracket: This rate applies to single filers starting at $12,000 up to $45,000. For married joint filers, this applies after the $24,000 deduction up to $90,000.
    • The 25 percent rate: This begins at $45,000 for single filers and $90,000 for joint filers who are married.
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    As soon and the presidential debates start for 2020 election any Democrat coming in will change it...I'm hearing not too many individuals are satisfied with this "tax reform" ...
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    Seems like we are all in that category...unless you are in the top 5-10% then maybe not!

    After reading this tax reform it doesn't do much for the average middle class individual....nope.
  7. Simples


    What do you expect voting for psychopaths??
  8. Like Odumbo liked to say... "If the rich only paid (yet again) a little bit more"...

    Unfortunately, that has never been "one and done". More akin to blackmail. Once the "initial payoff" is spent, they come back for more... and with a gun to your head, of course.

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    the repeal of some of the deductible items are bizarre: student loan interest is already capped at 2500 and phased out around 130K. and then qualified tuition is not deductible?
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    Trump was very clear that his tax plan would be a version of trickle down economics.
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