Trump sued for being a snake oil salesmen

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    Trump ‘school’ sued for fraud

    Add questions about Trump University to the growing list of potential scandals for which Donald Trump may have to answer if he decides to jump into the 2012 presidential race.

    Last year, the real estate mogul's school was forced to change its name from Trump University after the New York Department of Education took issue with its title, claiming the word "University" was misrepresentation. At the time, Trump was marketing his seminar program as an "Ivy-League quality" school.

    But a current class action lawsuit against the learning institute--now known as the Trump Entrepreneur Initiative--begs to differ, the Huffington Post reports. The program continues to face accusations it's nothing more than a scam preying on individuals hoping to make it rich in the real estate business, purporting to make participants into "apprentices" of Trump and offer insider secrets.

    More specifically, the lawsuit claims that the for-profit institution is a ripoff that pressures individuals into spending money, especially on ventures in which the "school's" mentors and associates have a financial stake. (Trump has filed a $100 million counterclaim for defamation.)

    In addition to the class action suit, state attorney generals in six states are also investigating complaints against Trump's program, as is the Better Business Bureau, which in the past has issued it a poor rating, HuffPo reports.

    Trump has faced increased scrutiny since floating his name for president.

    Recently, he appeared to contradict documentation that he sought draft deferments during the Vietnam war. Trump also faces questions for employing Chinese companies to manufacture Trump goods, for donating to Democrats and for failing to release his financial statements and settle long-disputed claims about his actual net worth.
  2. Not to long ago the majority of republican voters wanted this guy to be president.Reaffirms my opinion on republican voters