Trump:Success is due to genes

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  1. London, England (CNN) -- Real estate tycoon and multi-billionaire Donald Trump says that he was born with the right set of genes that enabled him to have fame and fortune.

    "Well I think I was born with the drive for success because I have a certain gene, Trump told CNN's Becky Anderson

    "I'm a gene believer... hey when you connect two race horses you get usually end up with a fast horse," he said during the Connect the World interview.

    "I had a good gene pool from the stand point of that so I was pretty much driven."

    Trump is currently worth an estimated $2 billion according to Forbes magazine.

    Much of his success came in New York City's real estate market, but he has also been the star of a TV series called "The Apprentice" where he is paid a reported $3 million per episode.

    During the interview, Trump -- whose personal life is regularly picked over in the pages of gossip magazines -- admitted finding it easier to manage his business than manage his home.

    "The way I run my business seems to be easier than the way I run my life," Trump said.

    "But I think all the time that I just don't want people to always just agree with me".

    At the end of the interview, Trump called Anderson a terrible interviewer and went on to 'fire' her from the show.

    "Becky, you do a terrible job," Trump said.

    "You're a lousy interviewer, that was the worst interview I ever had, you are fired!"

    Thankfully for Anderson, it was a joke.
  2. Its more about gall than genes when you look at the Industries Trump is involved in.
    Thick skin, gall and arrogance (Trump traits) are more a cultural hand me down from parents.
    Natural intelligence is related to genetics.
  3. Inherited wealth doesn't hurt either.
  4. It's more about being cutthroat and not having morals.

    basically stay legal, but be immoral

    like the bankers!
  5. sumfuka


    Guess he doesn't have the genes then.

    How can anybody open a casino (legal entity to print money, aside from banks) and still fail?
  6. Quite right! I like your idea. I suggest to take out for the general discussion.
  7. bet Trump ain't even got 1000 bucks in the bank...