Trump says troop sacrifice meaningless

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  1. So did Trump just betray the Kurds because
    (a) He has business interests in Turkey
    (b) Erdogan, being a brutal autocrat, is his kind of guy
    (c) His boss Vladimir Putin told him to Remarkable that all three stories are perfectly plausible.

    or all of the above:

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    that tweet is from 7 yrs ago, so all of the above
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    Kurdistan was erased from the world's maps after World War I when the Allied Powers carved up the Middle East and denied the Kurds a nation-state. More than twenty million Kurds live in parts of Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria. Throughout the 20th century their struggles for political and cultural autonomy were opposed by the region's countries and the Kurds were often used as pawns in regional politics.

    The Kurds' plight most recently captured the world's attention in 1991 following the end of the Gulf War. Television around the world showed images of northern Iraq's Kurds fleeing Saddam Hussein's Iraq through the mountains of Turkey and Iran. Since the 1920s, negotiations between Iraq's Kurds and the government in Baghdad have always broken down over issues of Kurdish independence, and the Kurds' wish to control the oil-rich city of Kirkuk and to have their own militia.

    In America's dealings with Saddam Hussein and Iraq, Iraq's Kurds have been a tragic side show. For decades, they looked to the U.S. for support in their struggle against Saddam's government. Washington's response has been classic realpolitik - using the Kurds when it wanted to hurt Saddam and then dropping them when their usefulness had run out. [See the chronology]

    For this FRONTLINE report, "The Survival of Saddam," producer Greg Barker interviewed key Kurdish leaders and senior American officials who discuss the long, bitter relationship between the U.S. and the Kurds of northern Iraq. Here are those interviews:
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  4. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark

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    mr tony stark
    you got him.
    jigs up.
    he will probably cop to the whole thing now.
    the last time trump will speak is when he say he sorry - to you specifically, most likely

    Last time for everything

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  7. Someone really needs to give this schoolyard punk a wedgie.
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  8. Trump needed to appease Turkey because he has business interests there. Just ask Trump in 2015

    “I have a little conflict of interest ’cause I have a major, major building in Istanbul,” Trump boasted in response. “It’s a tremendously successful job. It’s called Trump Towers — two towers, instead of one, not the usual one; it’s two. And I’ve gotten to know Turkey very well. They’re amazing people, they’re incredible people. They have a strong leader.”

    Was it in 2018 where he pledged where he would stand by the Kurds and defend them.

    Why else would he make a unilateral decision to withdraw troops after speaking only with Turkey President when he has direct business interests. He ignored or never consulted military or political staff but decided that of all the troops around the world to save money he abandons the Kurds, leaves ISIS prisoners unguarded and AIDS Turkey to take out their "enemy"

    We can talk all day about bullshit/not bullshit with Ukraine and impeachment...I personally from legal see it as a clusterfuck political media soundbyte.

    But this......this to me truly goes to shitty Presidential behavior.

    All that bullshit about ISIS and Kurds. "Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan considers the Kurdish forces in Syria to be terrorists allied with Kurdish insurgents within his country and has long threatened a military incursion into the area."

    The White House said Erdogan told Trump of his plans to move ahead with a military incursion into Syria during a phone call on Sunday night.

    A senior State Department official, who briefed reporters on the condition of anonymity, said the president made it clear in that phone call that the United States does not support Turkey’s plans to invade Syria “in any way shape or form.”

    This official said Trump’s decision to withdraw two military units from the border was based on two goals: The president does not want U.S. forces to be seen as greenlighting Turkey’s plans, nor does he not want Americans in the line of fire if Erdogan goes through with his threat.

    This is a man who thinks he knows better than anyone else and lies. You think the base is clamoring about pulling out of Syria and he is bragging he fulfilled a campaign promise? Bullshit, Syria not even a daily discussion point.

    Trump did this in contradiction to his GOP Senators, Dept of State and intelligence community because:

    1. Trump admires mroe dictatorial leaders who control everything and are not limited by a constitution or other political body

    2. Trump puts his business interests first

    3. Trump hates being told what to do and will do the opposite just to show how powerful he is even if it harms U.S. interest.

    Do we need to have troops in Syria permanently ? Of course not. But to withdraw them now to help a foreign leader, abandon allies, and re release ISIS terrorists back into the world for revenge?


    Might be the only thing GOP and Dems can coordinate on because the President of Turkey was not elected by the U.S. and does not make decisions for us to enrich Trump's towers.
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    Unless I missed something, there is not a single mention of the pullout on Fox News's front page at 11.30am CT.

    This however is an important story in US news.

    No female teacher had sex with a student story today, editors are slipping.

    If this trash is all they see, nothing can change.
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    Erdowan probably threatened to nationalize his properties

    Top Kurdish general: Watching over ISIS prisoners now a 'second priority'
    Gen. Mazloum Kobani, of the Syrian Democratic Forces, said his fighters have been shifted to the border ahead of an expected assault by the Turks.

    Syrian opposition fighters assigned to guard thousands of ISIS captives are rushing to the border ahead of an expected attack by Turkish forces, a top Kurdish general told NBC News on Monday.

    Gen. Mazloum Kobani, commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces, said watching over the ISIS prisoners locked up in Syria is a "second priority" now that the United States has cleared the way for a Turkish assault likely targeting the mostly Kurdish forces along the border.

    The detention centers hold 12,000 suspected terrorists swept up during the U.S.-led campaign against the Islamic State militant group's fighters in the region, according to Kobani and U.S. officials. Of the 12,000, 2,000 are foreign fighters, and Iraqis and Syrians make up the remaining 10,000, Pentagon officials say.

    Kobani said fighters who were previously tasked with securing the detention facilities are now streaming toward the border in preparation for battle with the Turkish army.

    "All their families are located in the border area," he said, speaking through a translator. "So they are forced to defend their families."
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