Trump says troop sacrifice meaningless

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  1. Not to worry. I don't think Mueller will be sparing the rod.
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  2. Regardless of where one stands on the current issue, one thing that is mucho aggravating is that hundreds and hundreds of thousands of syrians fled to germany and other places- BY FAR MOSTLY FIGHTING AGE MEN. Then when isis was knocked down a bit the germans frig around with paying them to go back.

    WTF is wrong with that picture class? The goddam men who should be there fighting for their country flee while Americans from Lawrence, Kansas and Bayou LaFourche, Louisiana go over to get killed.

    With the exception of the Kurds, most of these clowns have no sense of country anyway. They just live somewhere and owe allegiance to some imam on the internet in camel-country.
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  3. "Sense of country?" Syrian "men of fighting age" have never known anything but oppression in the country of their birth. Hard to feel "sense of country" when the only thing you've ever known your entire life is one brutal ruler passing power to his equally brutal son.
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  5. Syria is probably a defense contractor porkfest. Being the world’s policeman is expensive and we have the debt and little border security to show for it. Why do we have to be the security source for dozens of countries? If there is a single source of our national security problems, we should go after that force decisively. If that state has nuclear weapons or is allied with a nuclear weapons state, we still need to be decisive instead of getting bled out slowly by a thousand cuts. We need to decide which battles, if any, we should wage and which ones we should leave be. When it is said they are all important, I say we are in too deep in too many countries.
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  6. stop talking out of your ass.

    The following figures were all compiled by the SOHR which is considered an authoritative source on the matter.[24] The figures are only for documented deaths, while the SOHR estimates another 178,000 undocumented deaths had occurred.

    almost 1/3 of the casualties are civilians and the total is about %2 with an 18 million population and 363000 total kills (documented kills). that's a crazy amount for a 7 year of the war.

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    The administration last week:
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  10. Told-ya.
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