Trump says troop sacrifice meaningless

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    Just in nicer words:
    'That's the way they want it': Trump claims dead US troops would have agreed with him to pull out of Syria
    President Donald Trump defended his decision to withdraw all US ground troops from Syria within 30 days with a video in which he suggested it was a decision that dead US troops would have agreed with.

    In a roughly one-minute video at the White House on Wednesday, Trump took pride in his initial decision to continue combat operations in Syria during his presidency, but said he thinks it's time for that to end, citing his claims that the US has defeated ISIS.

    "And I'll tell you, they're up there looking down on us, and there is nobody happier or more proud of their families, to put them in a position where they've done such good for so many people," Trump said. "So our boys, our young women, our men, they're all coming back. And they're coming back now. We won."

    "And that's the way we want it, and that's the way they want it," Trump added, pointing a finger at the sky.
    In Syria withdrawal, Trump discards advice from allies and officials

    Resistance to the move was strong among some in the administration. A senior administration official told CNN's Jake Tapper that the President's decision to withdraw US troops from Syria is "a mistake of colossal proportions and the President fails to see how it will endanger our country."

    "Senior officials across the administration agree that the President's decision-by-tweet will recklessly put American and allied lives in danger around the world, take the pressure off of ISIS -- allowing them to reconstitute -- and hand a strategic victory to our Syrian, Iranian and Russian adversaries," the official said.
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    Donald Trump speaks to Jim Mattis (Pentagon)

    Donald Trump’s decision to pull the United States out of Syria may signal an impending exit for Defense Secretary James Mattis, those close to the White House warned.

    The Washington Post reported that “Mattis has been repeatedly overruled by Trump in recent months and left out of key discussions as the president pursues his own national security path.”

    The defense secretary may have reached a “low point” in his influence over the president, current and former administration officials told the Post — and may become a “short-timer” like so many other Trump administration aides.

    Government officials also told the newspaper that Trump “sidestepped Mattis’s concern about deploying U.S. forces to the U.S.-Mexico border this fall with only a vague mandate for border security.”

    In discussion with Pentagon leaders on the deployment, Mattis said he is “following orders” and instructed them to do the same.
  3. While I agree that we shouldn't be playing world cop, this move is probably a mistake. Most of all, Trump, somehow some way needs to get off twitter. Jesus, he's like a child with that. He might also want to do an ego check, if that's even possible. It ain't all about him. As I have written, if he doesn't get his act together in 2019 he's going to get primaried in a serious way, not just by the loon like Kasich.
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  4. Most likely by Rubio.
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  6. Looks like Richter got his media matters package this morning.

    It's gonna be robo-post all day.
  7. He is like a child with everything. A dull, uninspired, incurious child. You know it's true.
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    The which way did he go, George act is in full effect on this Syria debacle. White Jouse is deflecting to DOD and DOD is pushing all questions right back to the White House.

    It’s almost like the White House doesn’t know what they’re doing. Couldn’t be that though.
  9. But he's my child. LOL. And like a good parent it's time to administer a spanking, and not a Stormy type spanking. The man needs a come to jesus meeting. Hopefully there are a couple people close to him with the stones to bitch slap some sense into him, otherwise his support melts like hot butter. Fun and games poking at leftists is over. Get your shit together Mr. President. You don' t want enemies of guys like me who don't really give a flyin fuck what gets said, or who gets their feelings hurt.
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    Major concerns are containing Iran's push into the area and defending the Kurds.

    Kurds have been our biggest and most effective ally in the arena. Without our presence they're exposed to Turkish and other extreme Muslim factions in the area. We need to keep some type of large QRF in the area as a deterrent for Kurdish and Israeli concerns.

    Kurds need their own space. But keeping boots in Syria? Tis' time to limit our involvement.
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