Trump readying another 267 billion in Chinese tariffs

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  2. What "tariffs on chinese goods" means?
  3. Humpy


    Tariffs are a clear admission of defeat in the rough world of competition.
    " boo hoo I am not playing anymore ". Hiding behind an economic wall.
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  4. themickey


    No. Politicians have been pussy footing and sucking up to China for too long.
    Thankfully the world has slowly but surely woken up to China's devious methods.
    The sly land grab of Spratly Islands in the South China Sea which is claimed also by Philippines & Vietnam, then building airstrips and missile posts, was a step too far.
    Thankfully Trump is not going to play this stupid game of appeasement any longer.
    Trump is not all bad, at least he has balls which many Western politicians lack.
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    Those tax cuts are not going to pay themselves. "Capitalism is only fair if I hold the edge."
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    Answer everyone why the trade deficits have been so large between the US and China, Japan and Germany with all the deficits on the US side. Those countries already had massive tariffs and restrictions of allowable products importable TO PROTECT THEIR MARKETS AGAINST FREE AND FAIR TRADE.

    The US policy has been willingly complicit in this trade imbalance behavior for decades. Now that the leader of the US says enough is enough, it's free and fair trade or the US will impose tariffs on YOU to make you change your unfair trade practices, the world feigns indignation.

    Let the world drop all of THEIR DECADES LONG TARIFFS ON US IMPORTS NOW and then we'll see who goes "boo hoo". The fact is that populations around the world have demand for US products. The US WINS more often in a free and fair trade arrangement. Yet the world is content to keep seeing the deficits pile up on the US side...for obvious, selfish reasons.
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  7. JSOP


    Well the politicans are "pussy footing and sucking up" to China because there is a clear demand for stuff for China. The West is supposed to be ruled by democracy, dictated by the will of the people who live there. If the people in the West didn't want Chinese stuff and has no demand for them, WHY would the politicians need to "pussy foot and suck up" to China? They would be flatly rejecting and even banning Chinese goods. They are "pussy footing and sucking up" to China because people demand it, people want the stuff and the West unfortunately can't compete with China, not anymore. The big USA is afraid of the Chinese exports because otherwise why put up the tariffs? And tariffs on everything? I can understand putting up tariffs against goods that are heavily subsidized by the Chinese government to ensure fair competition but WHY on everything else? I agree with @Humpy, tariffs is an admission of defeat in free competition. The US is admitting that they can't compete with China anymore so the only way to "protect" themselves is the last resort, just refusing to buy the products arbitrarily. This is very sad. USA is losing, not winning.
  8. JSOP


    Well it's still a sign of defeat from the USA because USA has always been fine with these supposedly large trade deficits and be able to make money, big money and now it can't.
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    If you can't play chess with cute player you can always overthrow the board and hit the guy to the face. It depends on what you consider as win :)
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    Try going to China and buying property.
    Try setting up a business.
    China is famous for buying into overseas property and businesses, but reciprocation of this is a no no from their point of view.
    China puts up walls, time for the west to say "Screw you too!"
    Anyhow, it's all going to unwind shortly, we are seeing Vietnam and India coming into the picture and competing against China whose labour rates are now creeping up.
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