Trump Park Avenue penthouse duplex priced to sell

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by turkeyneck, Jul 18, 2009.

  1. From $51m to 31m...

    As for Mr. Trump's price cut: "I got together with him and we discussed it. He asked me my professional opinion on where I think it could sell, and where I think it needs to be priced, and he agreed with $31 million," the broker said. But why not a smaller chop? "Mr. Trump is committed to selling the apartment. And we made an adjustment that is appropriate for today’s market."
  2. A larger "haircut" is still needed. Are the toilets made of 24-carat gold? :cool:
  3. do I have a private elevator, or do I have to ride with the,,you know,,working class?
  4. S2007S


    What???? No buyers for this at $50 million, come on. Everyone knows real estate doubles every 10 years, it's free money in the bank. Why nobody wants the hottest piece of real estate for ONLY $30 million is beyond me. I'm sure everyone knows it's worth probably $5 million at most, NYC real estate is becoming more worthless each day, remember when everyone thought NYC real estate was recession proof, dumb Fu$king fools.