Trump Pardon

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    Trump Pardon

    Trump has pardoned the fraudster and former media mogul Conrad Black, who last year published a favorable biography of Trump. The White House said Black, who served a few years in U.S. jail a decade back, had made "tremendous contributions to business, as well as to political and historical thought." Black defrauded shareholders in his company, Hollinger International, of more than $6 million. BBC
  2. Birds of a feather...
  3. Probably that is why Obama commuted the sentence of the unrepentant puerto rican bomber/killer.

    You know, Obama has an earlier history of hanging around with domestic terrorist bombers.
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  5. Did after-work fecal matter over your eyes prevent you from actually reading the text? Or did the fecal matter in your head just prevent you from interpreting it?
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