Trump: "Our stupid leaders"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Savant, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. Savant


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  2. achilles28


    Trump is no Messiah. Sure, he talks a better game than Obama. But he's also soft on the deficit, soft on entitlement reform, pro-military, pro-war. Trump said he would be the "strongest military President, ever". He's a neo-con with business sense.

    The defining issue of the next Presidential term will be a dollar collapse. Given his shocking ignorance of basic economics and the consequences of a weak dollar policy - ie how OPEC "extorts" the US with "high oil prices" - I'm suspect he appreciates the urgency of the situation.

    On the plus side, he wants to militarize the border, "simplify" the tax code and punish outsourcing. That's a start.

    America needs to impose hardcore austerity yesterday. That includes halving the military budget. If that doesn't happen fast, the dollar is toast. We could see a 40-year rollback in living standards. The dollar is everything. And to save it, the next POTUS must slash spending and crash the economy. You think Trump is up to that? I don't.
  3. AliRazzaq


    I agree with Trump that American leaders are stupid. But Trump is also stupid.
  4. Hello


    Well said. Trump would be a decent candidate if he actually knew how to cut costs on real estate. As it stands Trump has always figured out a way to throw his name on over priced realestate, in ordder to make a buck, so he isnt a good candidate.

    I would love it if we had the CEO of an airline company trying to be the POTUS. The airline CEO's who have survived have figured out how to save hundreds of millions off of being notoriously "cheap." We need guys like them to run the country, the biggest problem with government is that they have zero concern for "efficiency."

    There is no such thing as "efficiency" in the current basrtardised version of government which we are running.

  5. Savant


    Well, according to him he's anti-war and wants to withdraw the troops from overseas. One thing that's appealing to me- he already has money, and is far less susceptible to being "bought" most likely.

  6. achilles28


    Ya, and then some. Most of our commerce laws are written by Fortune 100 companies to subsidize and regulate competition out of existence. The rest of the Authoritarians on Capital Hill draft legislation intended to crush what's left of individual freedom to consolidate the State's power monopoly. America is the best Republic money can buy. We're pretty much a fascist Country now = Huge Corporations merged with Huge Government. When the dollar goes, I think the social controllers will reveal their true nature. POTUS is just along for the ride. A figure head of power. Bucking the system = JFK. Trump is just "outside" enough to convince the populist idiots he'll deliver real change. Just like Obama, except right-wing. I am not hopeful in the slightest. I wish there was a reason for hope. I'm just 33. I'd like to have a life too. But I think these DB's have something ugly planned and it looks more like some third-world hellhole than a free and prosperous America. Sorry.
  7. achilles28


    Is there a source for that?

    I watched the O'Reilly interview. Trump made it pretty clear he would stay in Iraq indefinitely, leave Afghanistan, launch a ground war in Pakistan and support the NATO operation in Libya. Overall, that's more conflict than we have now.

    I hear you on the money, and to be honest, I think it's a plus for a dark-horse candidate that runs on a minority platform - like Ross Perot or Ron Paul.
  8. Savant


    Well, as far as war and foreign policy goes, he said in no uncertain terms that he was only interested in Libya IF we get oil out of it. That if we have no interests to gain there, he's not interested. Maybe that explains his position on Iraq?

    I think at the very least, if he runs and splits the ticket the loss will teach the republican party the lesson it's been resisting in recent years. I see it as a win/win. If he runs and splits the ticket, causing the republicans to loose, I think they'll be far more motivated to nominate a very libertarian leaning small government candidate next time around.

  9. Hello


    Do you really believe he has a shot after he essentially said we should steal the oil from every country we have invaded. He essenttially summed up u.s. foreign policy, but there is no way you could be as brazenly obvious as he was about stealing oil from the middle east, and get away with it... The rest of the world would have a field day if we just started going into countries and jacking their oil.

  10. Savant


    The polls would indicate he has a shot, I believe.

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