Trump: Obama's Presidency May Be Greatest Scam In History of USA

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  1. Donald Trump says his investigative team is still digging up evidence that President Obama was born in Kenya (or, at least, wasn't born in Hawaii).

    In a letter blasting the New York Times for blasting him, Trump lays out his evidence. He also accuses the liberal press of being complicit in what may be the "greatest scam in the history of our country."

    Obama's grandma said on tape that Obama was born in Kenya, Trump says.

    Hawaii has only produced a "Certificate of Live Birth" for Obama. That's not the same thing as a birth certificate, Trump says.

    Obama's family doesn't know or won't say which Hawaiian hospital Obama was born in, Trump says.

    Trump also tells the New York Times that people keep "calling him up" and urging him to get to the bottom of this--and that he's not going to rest until he does.
  2. Nothing like The Donald draging up this issue just as more of America is actually paying attention to what its elected officials are doing.

    The repubs just seem to find a way to demonstrate to the general public over and over again that they have trouble representing a majority of the public by draging up these types of issues.

    The "American Idol" portion of the population probably have no clue where their birth certificate is at the moment, have no clue what a long form vs short form birth certificate, and would be challenged to explain how to get a birth certificate if they needed to.

    Keep the issues serious ... how are going to get a majority of America to buy into reducing our expenditures by trillions .... hummmm.
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    Obama didn't do anything wrong, he just delayed the Doomsday in the stock market. When a republican wins the presidential election, expect doomsday.
  4. I remember when Russian Army was withdrawing from Afghanistan in 1989, they were laughing. Why?

    Russians were happy about something.
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    These issues should have been resolved before the 2008 election. It was brought up by some fellow in Penn. but never made it to court or was not heard. Of course the democrats wanted to take the WH, so kept it quiet. If true, they would be a long time living it down. One thing is certain, Barack Obama is a very, very sketchy character as nothing definitive in "either" direction has come out, yet.
  6. Trump is angry because The Donald used to be the greatest scam in U.S. history, and he isn't anymore.
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    Obama should hit back and put a crack team of investigators onto the mystery of Trump's hair.

    Is it real, how does it get to look like it is, has their been any cosmetic surgery done etc.
  8. He really should. Would be the most significant accomplishment of his prezidency... besides the $5-$6 TRILLION in additional debts he's saddling us and future generations with, of course.

  9. Donald Trump: Has to mention the apprentice in every birther interview

    "Even more enjoyable than hearing a potential presidential candidate refer to themselves by their own last name, is how seamlessly Trump transitions from suggesting Obama is doing a “terrible job” to discussing how great Celebrity Apprentice was last night and how shocked he is that Gary Busey survived another week. And another week of the Trump “sideshow” begins."
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