Trump: Miss CA can keep her crown

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  1. you don't tell Trump how it is. he tells YOU how it's going to be :cool:
  2. That's really so very generous of Trump to "allow" her to keep the title she won, especially after she was wrongfully screwed out of the USA title by a pervert judge. Whatever respect I had for Trump, I've lost over this episode. I suppose he is now trying desperately to salvage something out of this contest franchise by appearing to cut this girl a break after she won the PR battle against the radical gay bigots who seem to control the contest.

    Bottom line, this was a disgusting exercise and Trump showed zero leadership. Sorry donald but YOU'Re FIRED. Along with the homo activists you somehow decided to allow to run this thing in your name.
  3. This be Trumps squeeze

  4. I agree with the decision, and it should never even have been up for debate - Trump just wanted to milk it for the publicity.

    Trump is a failed businessman, owing far more to many banks than he has in any of his holdings.

    He is now trying to get by selling books, 'Trump Water,' 'Trump Vodka,' a litany of other Trump-labeled items...this is a sign that times are very bad.

    I'm waiting for the 'Trump Grill,' like the George Foreman one.
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    Those casinos saved his ass every time, now what? Hmmm

    Miss CA is hot, not all that bright obviously, but hot.