Trump launches new magazine

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  1. I believe Trump Hair transplants are next. Then Trump Matchmaking. And of course Trump Interior Designs.
  2. Finally a trump product you can wipe you ass with.
  3. Naw, that was those Trump Suits from Macy's. Ya know, the ones the "He wears". Yea, right.
  4. [​IMG]

  5. I wonder whose worse. Trump or Billy Mays (However some of Mays' stuff actually works). None of Trumps does though... So I hear.

    How about Trump's Dumps. Finally, everyone will be able to own the real shit.
  6. "Trump steak, Trump magazine... what's next?"

    Doesn't matter. He know what business he is in--- real estate. The casinos? So what, he only ventured into the casino's for the immediate cash flow unlike the lumbering cash flow of real estate. The Apprentice ratings? So what, it is the life cycle of advertising.

    Advertising real estate is boring. Only a limited number of ways to keep your name out front. Not so if your advertising your real estate through steaks and water and clothes. Advertising is tough to quantify for dollars spent. The dollars spent to keep your name out front are a bit more palpable when the score card may be jewelry or watches or books.
  7. That would be it! With offices in St. Petersburg, Sofia, Prague, Budapest and Kiev. "Finding the hottest Eastern European gold digging babes that will marry any wealthy Westerner in a heartbeat!"
  8. He has his stable, Trump Models. Not as good as Hefner's though.
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