Trump itching to fire the fed

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  1. Don`t get your point...there was the Leningrad siege for 900 days...and?there was also a Noah`s Flood at some point in time...

    Putin will die someday(hopefully soon), there`ll be another like him.Russia will stay slavery.
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    Give me a place on this imperfect planet please!
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    They're still a strong people.
    And Noah was a myth. Pretty sure. :D
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  6. A lot!

    All Scandinavia - socialism at its best,Finland, for e.g., you have a certain salary threshold - you don`t pay utility bills, free food, etc... Australia - an island that safe, secure, great nature, little political bullshit, less people...etc...etc...Costa Rica - same, though little less developed, still good, no regular army....take a look back at Russia and US now!
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    Which of those want your poor ass there? If you a rich, then lots of good options out there for sure.

    “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”
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  10. Being a US citizen your free to go there any time.If i only had a US passport....but i`m only having an ausweis of the occupied by scumbags territory.
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  11. No they aren`t.Took 2 minutes for the US troops to beat the crap out of the 300+ "Vagners" soldiers of fortune in Syria.What`s followed next?Nothing!
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