Trump itching to fire the fed

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  1. schweiz


    Maybe kicked off from patriotism??? :D
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  2. Cynical?Hell no!My ancestors deported from Poland have contributed to the country alot.From mining diamonds to building roads.Now it`s all in the hands of a couple of scumbags.And no one cares, russian folks salut this,while drinking vodka.
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  3. qlai


    Always was, no?
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  4. vanzandt


    I always thought Russians were a very strong, enduring people. What they lived thru and overcame in WW2 is beyond belief.
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  5. Naahh....back in the USSR was spread more or less equally.Parents could easily afford me going to sports camp every summer.I played hockey and visited hundreds of the cities.Now, the minimum sallary is 160 bucks.How about that?Some of the WW2 vets that left are still homeless.etc...etc...etc...Criminal scumbag in charge and NO ONE cares!.You guys have the same spiece in charge now, so be aware!
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  6. That`s a myth.Thery were strong with the blocking troops behind their backs.You would`ve been should educate yourself better about WW2.
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  7. qlai


    Not even close! In any case, U.S. is not defined by it's current President. It's defined by the values which are pretty much inborn. I'm a proud American and I'm a proud Russian born. Both are undisputably great Nations.

    Damn it, I tried to stay away from politics on a trading site!
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  8. Your proud russian born?Ok,would you like to get back to poopin russia?Both great nations....both are earthly evils.The planet would be a better place without these two brainwashed pseudopatriotic nonesense nations.
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  9. vanzandt


    The siege of Leningrad was a myth?
    Millions of starving/freezing civilians mobilized and fortified the surrounded city while under aerial and artillery bombardment and held the city for 900 days. Almost 3 years.
    More civilians died in Leningrad than the bombings of Hamburg, Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined. Overall Russian casualties at Leningrad alone were more than all US and British casualties of the entire war.

    Putin will someday die. The Russian people will always endure.
    I repeat, Russians are a very strong proud people.
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  10. Here4money


    he's saying there was no choice, and anyone given the option to fight the Germans or be shot in the back for cowardice, would choose to fight the Germans, making them in essence average folk.
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