Trump itching to fire the fed

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  1. His left eye is looking at you.
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  2. schweiz


    In the meantime Trump promised to withdraw all US soldiers out of Syria, just like Putin asked.
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  3. Here4money


    I drink my coffee with a touch of radium to build up tolerance
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  4. Defenitely having something on Trump.
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  5. gkishot


    Markets react negatively to Powell. Fact.
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  6. Aliens took over Russia.Trump got infected form the handshake with Putin, now the US is also done.
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  7. As you may have noticed he didn`t want to shake hamnds second time around.
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  8. Here4money


    Wait until you see how the markets react on Monday if this rhetoric keeps up.
    Wall Street’s view on Trump’s talk of firing Fed Chair Jerome Powell: ‘Utter madness’
    • Late Friday, Bloomberg News, citing four unnamed sources, reported that Trump has discussed firing the central bank head.
    • With the Fed embarked on a campaign to tighten monetary policy, the president has repeatedly attacked Powell.
    • In an email to CNBC, Greg Valliere, chief global strategist at Horizon Investments, branded the idea as “insane” and “utter madness.”
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  9. Overnight


    And the shitty thing about this is, inherently I think I know how the markets will react, so I should go short short short an equity index tomorrow night at 6PM sharp. So what is it my brain that is not convincing me that this is what the markets will do (go down)?

    I've been battling this all year, thinking that I thought I KNEW what the market would do, when it kept doing the complete opposite. Like this trade war thing. It has been simmering all year, but the markets kept going up. Now all of a sudden in October the markets decide "Gee, maybe it is for real?" Well, duh, it has been for real ever since those first tariffs on steel were announced early in the year.
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    He looking to blame someone if the stock market sells off 25percent (which is not unreasonable for a recession).
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