Trump itching to fire the fed

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Here4money, Dec 22, 2018.

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    While all Americans are asked to "Make America great again", Trump is doing all he can to destroy it.
    You must be beyond plain stupid to call Trump a good president. The list of people fired grows every day. One thing all these people have in common: their IQ is at least a tenfold higher then Trump's.
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  3. Seems like Trump is desperately looking for reasons to crash the market.
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    Firing Trump would be better for the markets then firing the FED chief.
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  6. Yeah, but it`s been taking so long to figure out if there`s a collusion.
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    To me, it's all posturing. Possible outcomes:
    A. Economy stalls - we were doing great until thr Fed interfered and we tried to stop it.
    B. Economy keeps chugging along - we are doing be such a great job even with the Fed interfering.

    There is absolutely no downside in President criticizing the Fed.

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  8. "plain stupid, an idiot, and dumber than dumb" are all part of the deplorables basket!:sneaky::D
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    Trump and the market should thank the Feds for raising interest to put a bit of a break on the market. The market cannot go up forever. It's not sustainable. Without a pause, the market won't be able to go up any further. The bull market that we are having is after the financial crisis of 2008. Now with this small pause, when the Feds ease up on raising the interest rate next year, the market would be able to have another bull run.
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    You're right, trade wars were boosting the market
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