Trump: I'm Obama's Worst Nightmare

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    Donald Trump says he is not the person President Obama wants to run against.

    "I don’t hear them talking about Mr. Pawlenty or anybody else. They’re talking only about Trump. And I can tell you, I’m their worst nightmare. I am not the person that they want to run against and they know it and I know it," Trump told FOX News on Monday morning.
  2. Obama would love to run against Trump,more so then Palin

    In the past Obamas camp has said things like (when questioned if Obama will run for re election) That Obama would run again because they didn't want Romney to take credit for turning the economy around( Noticed they assumed Romney would be the next President if Obama wasn't).Obama's camp has said numerous times that they copied Obama care from Romney care to hurt his chances at getting the GOP nomination.Democrats are currently planning a 5 year celebration for Romneycare.This tells me that Romney is the opponent they fear.Obamas camp is doing everything they can to stop Romney from getting the nomination.Obama knows that every other GOP candidate including Trump is a joke

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    Mitt Romney camp pushes back at Romneycare 'celebrations'

    Mitt Romney's camp is pushing back on the early-state "celebrations" highlighting the Tuesday anniversary of his Massachusetts health care law with mock birthday displays, saying it shows Democrats are sitting back and "eating cake" instead of solving problems.

    Democratic Party organizations in Iowa and New Hampshire are urging people to send "thanks" to Romney for the law, which Romney enacted as governor and which Democrats have labeled a model for national health care reform.

    And in Massachusetts there are plans for a cake celebration, prompting Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom to tell CNN that "somehow I'm not surprised that Democrats are sitting around eating cake while 14 million unemployed Americans are struggling to put food on their table."

    It's the first visible pushback from Team Romney about the planned "celebrations," which are just the latest Democratic efforts to hang the law around Romney's neck — a law that the GOP front-runner has had to struggle to explain to Republican donors and potential supporters who have concerns that it's a dangerous chink in his armor.

    And it comes as the Democratic chorus seeking to push the issue into headlines is growing stronger.

    President Barack Obama has elevated the Massachusetts law as a precurser to his own national health care plan, which many Democratic members of Congress considered an albatross around their own party's neck last year in the midterm elections.
  3. Nice! GO DT!

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    Geee, let's see highly successful entrepreneur or "community organizer", when the nation is in the worst economic shape since the great depression? Hmmm.
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    I just had an investment idea, buy stock in the company that sells Trumps hairspray.

    Anyone know what he uses?

  6. Its called the Loch Ness Monster Hairspray.....its widely used in Scotland . :p
  7. Trumps place of birth :cool:
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    Could it be?? The Donald??