Trump: 'I have a great relationship with the blacks'

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  1. Carrie Dann writes:

    As Politico's Ben Smith has pointed out, some prominent African Americans aren't exactly fans of Donald Trump’s questions about President Obama’s citizenship.

    And African Americans, one of us wrote earlier this week, happen to be one of the few voting blocs with a solid net-positive view of the real estate mogul. According to a February NBC/WSJ poll, 27 percent of black respondents have a favorable opinion of Trump, while 22 percent take a negative view. (Compare that to 26% positive/ 29% negative overall.)

    That may be true, but today on the Fred Dicker radio show, Trump boasted of his relationship with the black community in a particularly, well, blunt way.

    "I have a great relationship with the blacks,” Trump said. “I've always had a great relationship with the blacks.”


  2. Please please please win that nomination Donald!:D
  3. Trump is starting to win me over :D :D :D
  4. Larson

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    For one, he is an outsider that knows what makes this country tick and has great awareness, but yet can relate to all. That is one hell of an asset. Those types usually stay out of politics, unfortunately.
  5. Trump may know what makes greedy people and slobs who want to get rich tick...but Trump knows little about human rights, diplomacy, morality, or human values as a whole.

    Trump wouldn't know spiritual values (not religious, but spiritual) if they were on sale at Saks.

    Trump has one principle..."is it good for me" and that's about it. Trump has never been a humanitarian, or devoted to helping mankind. He is in it for himself, purely and simply for himself and himself alone. He is a white Don King.

    He doesn't want to be president, he wants to be king. He thinks the US is an empire and he wants to be king of the empire.

    Money doesn't buy happiness, just ask his previous wives.

    Anyone who thinks Donald is about helping America, at any cost or or sacrifice on his a fool.

    Trump represents what is wrong with America. Greed, narcissism, hubris, impatience with other points of view, and business growth at the expense of human...or any other form of life. He doesn't care about the poor, the environment, relationships with anyone but himself.

    Trump might have value as the head of some agency geared toward promotion of business, but this runs counter to the nature of libertarianism...which suggest that government should have little to do with business.

    The great presidents we have had were not businessmen first, and country second.

  6. You still suffer from thinking America is just a corporation...

    That's not anywhere near the concepts that we were founded on.

  7. [​IMG]

    Sharpton is actually a very personable and nice guy one on one. I don't agree with his politics but I'll chat with him anyday.
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    At least he isn't a clown like many of the scum in DC today, who put themselves ahead of the country. Trump is probably more open-minded than BO, who is supposed to be the "great equalizer", what a joke. Clinton wasn't a bleeding heart liberal either(although there are some who would disagree) but got things done and worked with all. You are stuck in the past O. That world is rapidly passing before your eyes.
  9. "The blacks" will vote "for the black guy" no matter what. Look no further than elections in Detroit, Washington D.C., or the 2008 presidential election.

    Blacks would rather live like shit with the black guy in charge, than live well under "the man".

  10. Sharpton is a criminal and white-hating racist, and even he wouldn't waste time talking to a wannabe hedge fund player who spends most of his time selling used crap on the internet.
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