Trump has a great point.

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  1. He also boiled down the war in Iraq for the conservative crowd.
    "We build a school, we build a road. They blow up the road. They blow up the school. We build another school, we build another road, they blow them up," Trump said. "We build again, in the meantime we can't get a f-king school built in Brooklyn."

    I am glad he put it in simple enough terms for the neocons. This war in Iraq was a huge disaster and thanks to Bush a major misallocation of capital.
  2. olias


    so the war in Iraq was about us trying to build schools and roads?
  3. Not directly, it was about fucking taxpayers out of money. That's why the waste. Taxpayers paying for it. No biggie..
  4. That is a very witty comment. Where is the data to back it up?
  5. Mnphats


    What is 0bama waiting for? He ran his campaign on that. He also said he was going to close Guantanamo. He also was going to put the 9/11 perpetrators in the U.S. court system. He even appointed an attorney general that defended terrorists.