Trump drops the f-bomb

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Maverick74, Apr 29, 2011.

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    We all know this guy is a 5 delta on getting the nomination, but man, you got love his stick it in your face approach to politics.
  2. Not really. He's an asshole. When interviewed, he lies. Saying his investigators have found "amazing" things and so on. He obfuscates big time and by any measure. He has said any number of things that he almost immediately denies to have said. He directly insults anyone who dares ask a pointed, but relevant, question. And no matter the outcome, he always declares himself the winner. And it wasn't just one f-bomb. It was a cluster. Carnival barker indeed.
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    And this is different from Obama how? LOL.
  4. Hello


    LOL, if nothing else this election is going to be one hell of a show if hes involved. :D
  5. For that reason, and on one level, I hope he is. But it wouldn't speak very well of the goofballs on whose support he would base his decision to run.
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    To many of us outsiders, Trump epitomizes the New Yorker and makes you feel good about the US. Whether he would make a good President is an unanswered question. But hey, coming off the bottom where the narcissistic BO resides, should not be a very tough act for him to follow.
  7. Only for people with a cauliflower for a brain.
  8. That would be your opinion. I think The Donald is the "ugly" in the term "ugly American." The US has great people, but it also plumbs the depths, just like any other country. If you are going to choose who makes you feel good about the US, you can choose far better. Make no mistake about The Donald.
  9. American junta warlord on steroids.
  10. One thing is certain, all the faux intellectuals are sure shitting their pants over Trump.
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