Trump dodged Vietnam through medical deferment,not high draft number as he claimed

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    Donald Trump dodged Vietnam War through medical deferment, not high draft number as he claimed

    Selective service records Donald Trump didn't want anyone to see show he dodged the Vietnam War due to a medical deferment, not a high draft number as he has claimed.

    The records indicate Trump was granted a series of student deferments before graduating from college, and then was deemed physically unacceptable for military service after he graduated.

    The paperwork, obtained from the National Archives and Records Administration by website, contradict what Trump has publicly said in recent days.

    "I actually got lucky because I had a very high draft number. I'll never forget, that was an amazing period of time in my life," the reality TV star and billionaire real estate developer said in a TV interview on Tuesday.

    "I was going to the Wharton School of Finance, and I was watching as they did the draft numbers and I got a very, very high number and those numbers never got up to," said The Donald, neglecting to utter the word "deferment."

    Trump, who is flirting with a run for the Republican nomination for President, was traveling Thursday night and could not immediately be reach for comment.

    The bombshell document was released a day after President Obama accommodated demands from Trump and Tea Party officials for him to release his long-form birth certificate proving he was born in the United States.

    Trump, who attended high school at the New York Military Academy in Cornwall-on-Hudson, took credit for forcing Obama to release his full birth certificate showing he was born in Hawaii.

    He continues to demand Obama release his academic records, suggesting the President didn't have the smarts to get into Columbia and Harvard.

    The Selective Service records were released with a copy of the registration card Trump signed in June 1964, revealing that in addition to weird hair, he has birthmarks on both his heels.

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  2. I hope the media stays on this lying piece of shit .Cant wait until his tax returns get leaked
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    Didn't Bill Clinton run and hide from getting into the Vietnam War as well? Are you outraged at that as well? Or this another case of selective outrage?
  4. Clinton isnt in the news today about being a lying draft dodger,Trump is
  5. Maverick74


    Ahh, just what I thought...selective outrage. Figures.

  6. You beat me to this.....:D

    no wonder they call you AK47......:)
  7. Lucrum


    This is probably the first time I've seen a not so bright liberal admit that Clinton was in fact a lying POS draft dodger.
    Kudos AK.
  9. Further investigation will reveal he probably attended Penn State. :p
  10. I never said Clinton was a POS draft dodger.Clinton showed through his actions as President that he truly opposes war.Its not like Clinton avoids war but then sends hundreds of thousands of other young Americans to fight them like Bush and Cheney did :cool:
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