Trump delivers again; bans immigration from 7 Muslim countries.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Greenie, Jan 28, 2017.

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    Oh, goodness. You just shot to hell every argument fred foresight has been trying to sell.

    He has nothing left. Assuming we don't count "Trump is a Nazi"!
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  2. I'm against caring about political opinions from people who don't pay for the privilege. I'm against appeasing the PC crowd for the sake of expediency and taking the easy path rather than making the difficult decisions. I'm against pretending that this decision will somehow make radical Islam crazier than they already are. I'm against trying to be all things to all people. Situations change and how things work must change with them. As a "progressive" I would think you'd understand that, unless of course you, like the idiot alt right only wants change when it suits your agenda. They can take that statue of liberty and dynamite the fucking thing. It's a new world.
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    Hey Freddy. Can you address this ?

    Why are you being such a hypocrite?

    Please show us ur posts where u condemned obama for restricting visas to those same seven countries.

    Guess what. U didn't. Cause like most progressives ur morals only kick in with a republican president

    Thats why nobody takes the progressive word seriously anymore = Just a bunch of hypocritical drama cucks
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    Reasonable and intelligent people don't condemn a whole culture because of individual criminals. Same as Japan won't ban all American soldiers just because a few raped Japanese girls. And if Trump has to ban a whole nation why not Saudi Arabia? Most Americans were killed my Saudi terrorists. Hypocrisy?

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    I thought he is accusing globalism for all the ills of this world. But I guess hypocrisy is not a weakness anymore under Trump

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    well, on the plus side, we may get to impeach this piece of trash sooner than later if he keeps it up.
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  9. No offense my friend but wouldn't it be refreshing if a Muslim said something similar after an Islamic terrorist attack? You are ready to question your own religion based on the actions of one person. Non-violent actions I might add. Were you this vocal as Obama was bombing the Middle East?

    Do you have any posts here on Elite Trader criticizing Obama for bombing the Middle East and killing people as well as civilian casualties with drone bombing?

    To summarize your logic here:

    Trump's Travel Restrictions are a GREATER EVIL THAN Obama's Bombings with Civilian Casualties.

    Trump's Travel Restrictions=Post about being ashamed to call yourself Christian.

    Obama's Bombings and Civilian Casualties=No Posts publicly anywhere/No Comment/No Criticism.

    Do you have a single post in your entire history of posts where you are critical of Obama? Please stop pretending to be a logical and objective person here in P&R.
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