Trump delivers again; bans immigration from 7 Muslim countries.

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    Any judge is too politicized when their judgements don't fit with your politics. When they do, they are always prudent and judicious.

    Due process, checks and balances.

    When your argument goes to the point of suggesting North Korea might not be as bad or as dangerous, then you really don't have an argument.
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  2. Man is always able to make mistakes.

    I was told the file of a closed case must be reviewed internally by the judge's superiors, even from a chief judge. When any obvious mistake is found, the case will be automatically re-opened for a fair trial, without even any external request/asking.
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    I guess you officially lost that bet. Ready to concede defeat on this one?

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  4. I never saw you or anyone else enter their estimate in days or hours.

    This will now be appealed to the Supreme Court. We will see how it turns out.
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    So what? You dared to put a number on it and I responded "game on". You cannot admit you were wrong on that one?

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  6. I will admit that I was surprised there was no ruling on Monday morning.

    However you never put in an estimate so you are not in the game.
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    We're just going to keep in mind this new concept the left has invented that you can look at a presidents campaign statements, or the statements of his surrogates, to determine the constitutionality of a proposed law or exec order.

    What this means is that there will be no gun control laws. Or exec orders. Because it's not going to be hard to find out the 'real motive' for gun control from someone like killary's campaign statements. Or her surrogates. Every effort to control guns has the 'real motive' of gun confiscation.

    What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Shoulda thought about that lefties before you invented this new principal of resist by any means necessary.
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    They gave us 'common sense gun control laws' and the courts said it was constitutional. Even though there's a right to bear arms.

    So what we need now are 'common sense muslim controls'. They must be considered constitutional, too. Same thing.
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