Trump criticized Reagan,proposed single payer health care and 14 % net worth tax

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    "Back in 1987, Trump took out full-page ads in several newspapers, criticizing the political establishment, then run by Ronald Reagan, for its coddling of the OPEC countries and Japan. "The world is laughing at America's politicians," ran the copy, which stoked false rumors that he might throw his hat into the 1988 ring. About a decade later, he danced with the 2000 Reform Party ticket, releasing a book of policy proposals that included an embrace of single-payer health care and plans for a one-time 14.25% net-worth tax on all Americans worth more than $10 million. "
  2. I love how the left excels at investigative reporting for all things that don't involve their own.
  3. Obviously at one time Trump was one of the lefts own,not even the left,the far far left