Trump Chicago pending "disaster"?

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  1. I look directly at the Trump every night. 5 to 10% of the lights are on. It's the 7th tallest building in the world.

    My wife and I know people who live in the 60's (floors). There is only one other unit occupied on their floor.

    Another Chicago real estate investor (quasi-"flipper") I know may have to sell an unoccupied unit, as taxes, and other fees eat at you continually as your value drops.
  2. looks like it's time for another 'Trump n Dump'
  3. living in that shit hole is like being the despotic ruler of a third world country. you have plenty of money and power but no conscience or soul.

    trump is one of the worst by products of american capitalism. an entire life spent sucking on american's blood and yet he doesnt feel ashamed. i dont know if he's dumb or just a short sighted ignorant.

    as for the trump tower-trash, maybe they decide to pull it...

  4. Hes not dumb or ignorant, he knows how sell his "make big money" ideas to unwaring investors, banks, and local govt to make money, and is an arrogant, narcisistic, business person. He is who he is, there are many others like him, he's just more notorious.
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    Hmmm, some say the same thing about traders.
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    Might be a nice place if prices come down. Better than that hole in the ground, the spire.

    Chicago has yet to have a shake-out on price.
  7. 100 percent agreed.
  8. Trump thinking that a structure with his name on it has an influence on price ....

    No thanks....
  9. He has pretty strict criteria to buy one of his units. He ain't going to let anyone flip his property under construction on appreciation ( of course we are talking back a few years ago).

    No one is going to get in taking a second mortage on another piece of property as a down payment for one of his units. I'd bet zero defaults in his buildings.
  10. His prices most be outrageous. Our family friend owns a condo just few blocks from there facing Navy pier.

    While in Vegas I wanted to see what the big deal was about with Turnburry Towers. The on site agent points to Trump's new building a says most of it is used for a hotel since they couldn't sell it :eek:
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