Trump caught trying to lie about his wealth

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  1. NBC Calls Donald Trump 'Apprentice' Salary Report 'Grossly Inaccurate'

    It appears that Donald Trump is not television's highest-paid reality star after all.

    NBC is publicly disavowing a report in the New York Post that it is shelling out $160 million to Trump and co-producer Mark Burnett for another two seasons of "The Celebrity Apprentice."

    "The financial information reported today in regards to 'The Celebrity Apprentice' is grossly inaccurate and has been significantly overstated,' the network said in a statement. "While it is our policy to keep financial information strictly confidential, neither the production costs of the show nor what Mr. Trump makes personally is in the realm of reality. Donald Trump and the 'Apprentice' franchise remain a key part of the NBC primetime lineup and we are looking forward to another compelling cycle next season."

    Trump's camp had no comment.

    The Post reported that Trump would personally pocket $65 million for producing and appearing on the show, a deal that made him "the highest-paid reality TV star, eclipsing the 'American Idol' judges and the Kardashian clan."

    The show's season finale on May 22 fell 15 percent from last year.
  2. Trump has trotted out his pony so many times that people are beginning to catch on. He might not even be a billionaire.
  3. He's not
  4. Lucrum


    I'm thinking he's not. I mean would you go out in public with his hair if you were a billionaire and could afford any hair piece or procedure you wanted?
  5. I thought that with the hair at one point, but I would present exhibit A:

    Mark Cuban.

    He says what he wants because he can absorb any fine the NBA gives him. If you are that rich, social etiquette is not a priority.