Trump Ballwashing Syndrome: A dialectical analysis of the cult

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    The Trump Ballwashing Syndrome is a logical delusion that affects primarily low intellect conservatives.Low intellect being the key requirement for inheriting this delusion.

    The primary indications of this delusional are.

    1. They live in a fantasy world where jerking each other off and repeating the same buzzwords and talking points over and over again makes them true.

    Examples: The DEEP state aka the Derp state.

    2. They are scared little people who are slowly sliding into irrelevancy and have desperately clung to a swindler who lies to their face, telling them what they want to hear, but it's okay because he was on TV for a while and he hates the same people they do.

    This is what made Trump University a success and it's obviously working on the uneducated wretches.

    3. They see no evidence of a Russian collusion even though people directly related to the campaign have plead guilty or have been indicted.

    This is their deductive process

    There were no meetings with Russians during the campaign. Fake news. Oh, you mean the meeting at Trump Tower? Between Russian operatives and the senior campaign leadership? That was only to speak about adoptions. Oh, you found Don Jr's emails about the meeting in which he responded to the possibility of getting Russian help with dirt on Clinton by saying "I love it!" Well, nothing actually happened at the meeting, which is why they left it off of all their security clearance disclosures. Oh, Steve Bannon is now calling the meeting treasonous? Well, Steve Bannon is a Rino and cuckservative. So there. Fake news

    4. They see no evidence of Russian state media and their troll factory promoting their talking points even when you can see the evidence in real time.

    5. They see no evidence of Nazis and White Supremacists or even racism among their base.
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    Here is the face of the Ballwashing Cult

    A dropout with a 1 inch forehead without a shred of integrity.


    Here is his latest stunt.

    On January 3 2018, this moron writes

    So in spite of vicious media attacks and many political obstacles, well 2017 was a very successful first year for President Trump. Now, before we get to the full list that the media will never show you, let's take a look at the economy.

    Stock market is at an all-time high and hit over 60 record closes in 2017 alone. The Dow Jones was up 25 percent, over $5 trillion in new wealth has now been created. Unemployment -- yes, unemployment at a 17-year low since -- just 4.1 percent. And since taking office, President Trump has created 1.7 million new jobs. African-American unemployment, a 17-year low.

    We ended the year with consumer confidence sitting at a 17-year high. Home prices are up six percent as is home building. Regulations have been slashed at a historic rate. And the Trump administration cut 16 regulations for every new one that was created.

    Also, let's talk about GDP. Now, so far under President Trump, we have seen two quarters over three percent. Let's compare that with President Barack Obama, the only president in the history of this country to never reach three percent GDP growth for an entire year. And we can't forget about Obama's terrible economy. Millions more people on food stamps and in poverty, 95 million Americans out of the labor force, the worst economic recovery since the 1940s, the lowest labor participation rate since the 1970s, and the list goes on. Worst recovery since the 1940s, lowest home ownership rate in 51 years.

    But today after the plunge, he had this to say

    "During his radio program this afternoon, Fox News’ Sean Hannity claimed that we are seeing the impact of the previous administration’s economy on today’s market. Referring to a segment he had just seen on Fox News, Hannity said the analysis is that it was largely President Barack Obama’s fault."
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    I’m waiting for Hannity to tell all his cement heads it’s un-american to short the market.
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    This is the second in command of the cult


    You can gauge from his face, the intellectual rigor and the derp thinking.
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  5. A friend says he always looks like a two day old dirty diaper is stashed under his desk.
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  6. An inspired thread.
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    Cons think that if they frame every issue as TDS, they can bully his critics from ever criticizing them. They think they are too clever, their Nazi techniques won't work here.
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  8. Claims we're using Nazi techniques.

    Uses same techniques.

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    I don't know where everyone got the idea that these Trump ballwashers are racists and bigots. There's 2 gay guys, 10 Asians and 10 POC on the team of 240+ but that's not enough for this vile Fox News 'Executive' to rant about.

    John Moody, Executive Editor and Executive VP of Fox News, penned an explosive opinion piece on Wednesday in which he seems to suggest that the US Winter Olympics team has made themselves “darker, gayer” at the expense of racking up medals.
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