Trump, another phony bastard

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stock777, Jul 27, 2008.

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    That blowhard has burned investor billions over the years.

    Yet people kiss his feet.

  2. Shame on them for not realizing he is only out for himself.
  3. That blowhard has burned investor billions over the years.

    I think you got it wrong. I do no think it was him personally, he let the market wizards of Wall Street do it for him. If someone came up to you and offered to make you a sum of money Ie. his first IPO, You'd let them. Who wouldn't?

    The stock market is a tool and in his case he let someone else be the mechanic.

    Ivanka left investment banking mucho pronto.

    Reminds me though, I thought he had a vodka stock, hmnnn need to follow up on this.

    The casino bs was just to raise cash for the real estate. Casino is better cash flow than RE.
  4. zdreg


    lie to me once shame on you.
    lie to me twice shame on me.

    what is your regret stock777?
  5. ya think he owned some of this? lol.

    I like Trump but saw through this malarkey and got out fast, nothing recent, more like his first bk pos.
  6. nutmeg, you are more likely to show up naked on Super Bowl day in the infield screaming "do me , Macho Man, I'm all yours" , than I am to own garbage like this.
  7. Cramer probably lent it out to short sellers.
  8. no regret at all, I've just thought Trump to be a 2 bit hairpiece wearing phony forever,

    the clown sells get rich seminars to the masses, how much lower can you get without being Al Sharpton?