Truly sad to see a young man not able to join the Army

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    this two bit loser decided he had enough, he tried to join the army, but because of criminal past they wouldn't let him (stole from stores, stole a car once)

    here is a young man of 22, fit mentally and physically, OFFERING his life to Exxon and military industrial complex

    and they won't let him do that either

    truly sad

    I think I'll give him 5 k and teach him to trade
  2. mikasa


    it used to be in the olden days that you could count on The Army AT LEAST

    sad state of the Union if you ask me


    He has to continue working on his career as a thief, never give up!
  4. My folks use to talk about people exchanging a prison term for enlistment in the military.
  5. mikasa


    yeah exactly, you would think Oil companies and Obama could use another grunt willing to shoot or die

    I guess not :(
  6. Many in the military are trusted with important, sensitive (even classified) "things".. perhaps criminal degenerates are not the best candidates to entrust with such...

    Many jobs require a security clearance... those who have already demonstrated they are morally weak, easily tempted.. likely should not be relied upon.
  7. +1

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    -1 to your +1

    don't be lazy to post
  9. are retarded for starting this thread :)

    lol, in "career trader" no less

  10. mikasa


    wow you have very high opinion of GI grunts

    I guess you never really met any have you.

    All those poor blacks and latinos as well as white trash, where do you think they end up.
    Not that being poor is their fault, its a vicious circle of bad education and poverty.

    but yeah your opinion of military is too high IMO
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