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  1. Dear all,
    Do you know of any automated trading system? (I'm not a programmer and cannot write scripts, etc...)
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    Not quite sure what you're asking for.

    Do you want someone to give you one?
  3. Thanks for your response. I've been looking around for a system in which I can design my own trading algorithms. The problem is I'm not a software programmer and I'm not comfortable with writing any kind of scripts. I've looked at Trade Station, but their language is hard to follow. Debugging is paintful, too.
  4. Sorry that I didn't mention in my previous email: I'm just looking for a trading platform that I can design, back-test, and execute real-time my own trading strategies fully automated. I'm willing to pay for the system.
  5. You can take a look at QuantDeveloper, . Although it requires some programming, we have custom development services, i.e. can program your strategy. But indeed it always better to find a mate who can do programming for you (at least support ATS that we write for you and modify it when needed). Usually a startup hedge fund consists of a good trader and a programmer. Think about it :)

  6. I'm nothing more than a beginner, very novice programmer. I've looked at many alternatives, and to me, TS Easylanguage is the easiest thing you're going to find, in terms of language.

    Another alternative, it TradeMaven has an automation function that lets you more or less drag and drop indicators into a system. Having said that, you'll never make any money with indicators anyway.

    Finally, Wealth Lab, I believe, has some drag and drop functionality. But the bottom line is you're going to need to learn how to define problems, create algorithms, and code them. Tha'ts what system development is.
  7. Anton,
    It sounds like the guy is asking for a little boxie that he can put next to his alarmclock and that will make money for him while he sleeps.
  8. Aren't we all......?

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  9. Buy Gazprom on RTS then? If the guys is in US, this little boxie will make him money while he sleeps :D Though it might be too late now, the spread is shrinking.
  10. My friend introduced me to this software: It seems very powerful and flexible to me.
    The live demo is very impressive too. Just wanted to share with you.
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