True trading

Discussion in 'Journals' started by joe4422, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. joe4422


    Here I will post real time trades long in advance.

    Selling ES, 1144, 1 point stop, target 1135.
  2. why?
  3. joe4422


    Can't I just make calls?
  4. dst888


    amazing. only 2 pts away from target within 20m after the entry hit.
  5. chuckie


    Pretty impressive way to start a new thread I must say.
  6. dst888


    Target hit. WOW!
    What is impressive is that the call was placed much earlier before the entry.
  7. joe4422


    Target hit +9 points or $450 per contract.

    Draw down = $O.

    Call made way in advance.
  8. dst888


    You need to make more this kind of calls to convince people that you certainly hold some magic though.
  9. I was eye balling 44 since 9am as well. None the less, good entry. and target. let see some more.
  10. Good call but I doubt a fill at 44.
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