True story of sacrifice, what life is like with brains, balls, but without bucks

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by elohio, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. elohio


    I worked day and night, and of course, like with most things in life, you get what you put in.

    After 3 years I managed not only to figure out a very profitable method for futures but also a completely different method for forex that also works very well.

    I managed to automate the process 90%,

    Borrowed money from good friend, Opened Oanda account and IB account, returned money to my friend ($ was used just for account opening)

    Used little bit of money just to verify results with real money.

    So, I go where there is money, Swift firm, but they just want me to scalp, they don’t want me.

    So I go to bright prop, only to be told that they don’t do futures.

    I start working. Trying to save money.

    My story ladies and gentlemen is probably dime a dozen. You probably read one of these per week.

    I literally have no big expenses, no car, meager food, and of course was never interested in partying. My work is my only hope.

    My question is, is there any way to get or earn some legitimate money more quickly so that I can get this lead dream into the air.

    (PS I thought about high paying construction job, but before I take it, what do you members think).
  2. How much money? How quickly?
  3. You can register your FX system at FX-Auto. It takes very little but if you say your Forex system is decent, you will gain subscribers.

    This will supplement your income. And doesnt take much in terms of physical labor.
  4. why forex-auto and not a collective2?
  5. i need money too
  6. romik


    do some porn
  7. elohio


    no I don't want to register and get subscribers because I am little bit paranoid about people using my system and strategy

    as for doing some porn, well, lets just say it would have to be fetish cause I ain't that attractive :)
  8. romik


    Ron Jeremy did just fine
  9. elohio


    romik, put yourself my position

    what would you do, to make a quick buck for starting trading

    would you go for construction job and work your ass of for 8 months or so
  10. construction job will make you dumb
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